Bolsonaro denies instigating the coup attempt in January

The former Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, delivered a statement on Wednesday for about three hours, at the police headquarters in Brasília, about the attack and attempted coup led by the Bolsonarians at the headquarters of the three powers, on January 8. The hearing — and its aftermath — can become fuel for accusations that could disqualify you if you ever want to run for president again. Accordingly, the former president was prepared by a team of lawyers.

The police are investigating Bolsonaro as the instigator of the attempted coup among the people who did not accept the result of the ballot and Lula da Silva’s victory. In the statement, the former president was accompanied by lawyers Paulo Bueno, Marcelo Pesa and Fabio Wajngarten, who was Minister of Communications during his four years in office.

Although Bolsonaro was not seen in the proceedings against Lula’s newly launched government, the inclusion of his name in the investigations was the result of a request by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which was attended by the Minister of the Supreme Court, Alexandre de Morais. …the attorney general’s office is drawing attention to Bolsonaro’s behavior two days after the attempted coup – when he “allegedly incited crimes against the rule of law” – by sharing a video justifying the incidents. Bolsonaro has defended himself against the charges and said he shared the recording “forcibly”, according to local media, and “under the influence of a drug”.

According to investigations, on January 10, the former president posted a video on his social media in which he questioned the credibility of the 2022 presidential election, when he lost re-election to Lula da Silva. Conspiratorial messages directed at his militancy have led to suspicions that Bolsonaro was encouraging crimes against democracy. Bolsonaro deleted the messages the same day.

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Hundreds of investigation

The far-right leader is among hundreds of people being investigated over the attack. The Supreme Court has already charged 100 citizens for participating in the attack, inspired by the Capitol attack, which Trumbo carried out two years ago. The court has yet to try 200 more people.

This is the second time that Bolsonaro has testified before the police since he left office at the end of last December. At the beginning of April, when he returned from his exile in Florida (USA), the former president was interrogated about some jewelry worth a million dollars, which Saudi Arabia had given him during his tenure and which had been withheld by the treasury.

The former president is also under investigation in another process of the Electoral Tribunal, which investigates in a meeting with ambassadors in July last year, in which the security of electronic ballot boxes was questioned, which, contrary to what Bolsonaro has suggested, are considered reliable due to their technology and the speed with which they are completed. of counting votes. This is another issue that could block the path to the presidency.

Parliamentary committee

Bolsonaro’s statement on Tuesday coincided with a request in Congress, by Bolsonaro supporters, to set up a mixed parliamentary commission of inquiry (CPMI) on the attack. The purpose of this commission is to suggest the existence of a conspiracy within the current Lula government. In addition to diverting discussions on vital issues such as improving accounts and the Brazilian economy, which burden the PT executive management.

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In Congress, the Bolsonaristas are trying to hold Lula’s government responsible for the attack. Some videos confirm the presence of one of the trusted men of the Brazilian President, the former Prime Minister of the Institutional Security Council (GSI), Marco Edson Gonçalves Dias, in the Planalto Palace during the assault on the three symbols of state power.

In statements to the police last week, Gonçalves Dias, known as Lula’s shadow, confirmed that there was a “general blackout” of the secret service, also denying that it was negligent during the attacks and asserting that he bears no responsibility in the case.

Some of the photos will contribute to feeding Bolsonarista’s fake news network and installing the commission of inquiry. The ruling party, for its part, will try to show that Bolsonaro’s military, who left the government in December, still controls the security system. According to the newspaper “O Estado” in Sao Paulo, PT parliamentarians should request the recall of generals and former ministers Luis Eduardo Ramos, Augusto Helino and Walter Braga Neto, strongmen of the previous administration.

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