Bolsonaro begins to question a possible defeat on Sunday in Brazil

The second round of Brazil’s elections will be on Sunday, but the country is already experiencing an early “third round”. While polls suggest candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is slightly ahead and seemingly unified, incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro and his contact team are working on a narrative that the local press has been calling the ‘third round’ or ‘the Capitol to the ‘Brazilian’, recalling With the episode of the American struggle, Donald Trump, in January 2021.

Bolsonaro still has high chances of winning Sunday’s election, but he has already started a losing streak. The latest opinion poll published this week showed Lula leading with 53% of the valid vote, followed by Bolsonaro, with 47%, in a tense election raging point by point.

At the end of the week a real bomb rocked his campaign committee. The Former Representative, Roberto Jefferson, An important ally of Bolsonaro, he resisted a prison order with about 50 rounds of ammunition and three grenades were thrown from his home at the police, injuring two agents.

The reaction of the politician, who was under house arrest, was seen by the press as an attempt to test the limits of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and its president, Alexandre de Moraes, which has been too rigid with the Bolsonavirus “fake news” machine, one of the biggest challenges election judges face. If it is true that there has been coordinated action with Bolsonaro’s team, the shots backfired.

From a friend to a “bandit”

Bolsonaro went so far as to say he did not have a photo with Jefferson, and ordered the attorney general to take care of the police case. The Internet has been responsible for distributing dozens of photos reminiscent of Bolsonaro’s long alliance with Jefferson. Bolsonaro then went on to say the alliance ended the moment the friend attacked the police, calling him “thieves.”

The incident may be one of the reasons for the president’s stagnation in the polls, and since Monday his contact team, which includes his son Carlos, has been striving to create factual facts (false facts) to blur attention and pave the way in a loss case.

The Minister of Communications Fabio Farias, a complaint with TSE that the president is being abused by the media in the North and Northeast, the two regions where Lula traditionally wins. According to the minister, who provided an audit contracted with the campaign, radio and television stations do not broadcast Bolsonaro’s propaganda, which is mandatory according to the Brazilian electoral system.

There will be more than 150,000 fewer entries, according to Bolsonaro and Farias, who accuse TSE of not overseeing it. Moraes, president of this court, warned that without evidence, indications and concrete circumstances there is no reason to open an investigation, and emphasized that unsubstantiated accusations could lead to another evasive investigation.

fake news

Under local law, the responsibility for oversight rests with the parties, so the complaint, although considered inconsistent by Moraes, serves as fuel for the fake news machine of the most fanatical Bolsonarist.

On Wednesday, signs affected that Bolsonaro would not accept defeat on the stock market and the foreign exchange market. According to “Folha de São Paulo”, Bolsonaro met Wednesday evening at Alvorada Palace with ministers and the leadership of the armed forces, and promised to go to the “last consequences” to confirm his complaint.

Three days before the second round, Bolsonaro Commission He is preparing for a defeat he does not want to accept. Lula is already celebrating his 77th birthday with some hope of victory and is preparing for Friday’s debate that is expected to be crucial for either of them. It would be three long days for both of them.

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