Blanca Paloma wins Benidorm Festival: Flamenco returns to Eurovision 33 years after Azcar Moreno fanfare

  • “Eaea” outperforms “Quiero arder” in a duel similar to the one played by Chanel and Rigoberta Bandini last year: halfway between folklore and electronic music, it manages to distinguish itself thanks to its passionate design and captivating sound.

  • Not counting the “concoction” of Son de Sol (“Brujería”, 2005), three decades have passed since the last time Spain defended the genre at the festival: Encarna and Tony finished fifth with 96 points.

Explodes Eurovision It is not an easy task. It is not enough to have a good song. It requires charisma, light and truth. Because the things that were set up there don’t work. It is what the audience wants to see proposal that kidnaps them. He wants pure affection. Therefore, if they did, it would be impossible for them to get it out of their heads. Herein lies the key to a good position. Tonight, Blanca Paloma won an award Benidorm Festival With this lesson well learned: your Eya Attract the audience from the first note.

VisceraAnd magnetic And creative. He told his story through his gaze. Collusion has been sought in both planes. Her grandmother’s love touched us so much that it was impossible to take our eyes off her. Pure emotion in her granddaughter’s eyes.

On a sometimes unfamiliar program, she was able to speed up her heart rate thanks to a Sonic waste captivator. It’s subtle and heartbreaking, it’s elevated to a finale that not everyone else has been able to tune in as well as they should. This is the basis. Therefore, if it is not fitted well, the rest of the elements will not shine so strongly. Together with Agoney, she was the only one with an established foundation. This allowed him to create a world full of nuances where nothing is out of tune.

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Eya It is a sea of ​​feelings in form Complainof lullaby, hush, applause & mldr; He becomes silent as soon as he hears his voice. It’s equal parts energetic and sensitive subject matter.. Complex in terms of metrics, yet simple in terms of message. It is a pressure on the heart that embodies elegance after tui (Luxembourg, 1972), Self-confidence j’aime la life (Belgium, 1986) and fascination Chum (Ukraine, 2021).

In addition, your A mixture of folk and electronic sounds It made it look like nothing before. What made it unique. And what will therefore allow him to distinguish himself at Liverpool. For the flamenco that Europe has been asking us for some time now, it sniffed a good dose of the avant-garde. Spain is present, but there is something else. This indescribable duet, between music and storytelling, propelled it to first place. It wasn’t easy. Stepping on his heels Agoney remainedAnd another great favourite.

24 points separated one nomination from the other: 169 (94 from the jury, 40 from the televsion and 35 from the demographic sample) against 145 (80 from the jury, 35 from the televsion and 30 from the demographic sample). for him I want to burn It had everything to make it work: it’s destructive, animalic, volcanic, and mldr; And maybe that’s what made some points: It’s just too weird to empathize with.

certain touches of performance, the interpreter has successfully matched the components of your project. And indeed, scornful though they may appear, on this occasion they were more than justified: If the stage is to burn, there has to be sweat, sweat, and latex. The two of them have just contributed something new to the file Edit clichés. After Chanel’s feat, most attempted to replicate the surprising effect with no-nonsense intimidation.

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This overproduction has diminished their authenticity, leading to amplification Displays at the expense of the message. Smoke or fire makes sense if the goal is to accompany the singer. If not, they risk distorting it. That’s what happened with Alice Wonder. despite the existence of a pinch Who is iconic Molitva (Serbia, 2007), I love two hairs (Portugal, 2017) and Arcadian (Netherlands, 2019), I would like It breaks its magic from the moment the artist steps out of the piano.

The fan was not necessary. No extreme movements Fossa Noctua. my family She could have succeeded, but her poor execution left her no options. All the tools It didn’t make them more exciting, it just made them messier. In television it is important to control the spaces and know the throats. Otherwise, they risk losing control. And this, at Eurovision, is punishable. a lot.

That’s exactly what happened to vico: With a promising start, he rested his bet on a bunch of unnecessary dance moves that overwhelmed him from start to finish. he He hits From the release, which accumulates more than a million copies, it has not been able to capitalize on this attraction to become even bigger. too much Glitter glitter For a subject that requires good taste.

without “European complacency”

Jose Otero He was one of the most efficient contenders to win BeFest. Whether by voice or by song: to the torrent of voices we had to add the wonderful reception he enjoys power poems We have it at Eurovision. They are there why me? (Ireland, 1992), cocoon (San Marino, 2013), cancel download (Sweden, 2014) and mldr; So what happened that wasn’t the case? direct. To the vocal failures we must add a stage in half measures. It was not consistent with the story at hand. This has led to huge losses.

Not that he was bad, just that he wasn’t able to capitalize on a show that could have been formidable. Something, on the other hand, was the main asset of the Carmento. The singer-songwriter made it to the finale because she brought her essence to the ninth degree. for him I want and grieve It is the best representation of itself: root, earth and home. In this case, it has already exceeded any possible expectation.

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You can see the additions that the years give in the trade. Megara, for one, was one of the best performances of the evening. After the bell rang in the first semi-final, the band was led by Kenzi It served the character in a way Spain never exploited at Eurovision. They would have been good actors, no doubt. Well, far from falling into it European compatibilityThey refined the difference.

faithful to Foxia RockThey remembered that the old continent wanted to see people leave their entrails on the tables: Hard Rock Hallelujah (Finland 2006), deli (Turkey, 2008) and Zitti e buoni Swept (Italy, 2021) by dragging 170 million viewers into their own music revolution. This is something everyone should do, regardless of style. Blanca Paloma is already there.

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