Blanca Paloma changes her song “Eaea” for Eurovision

Blanca Paloma won with her Eya, a tribute song to his grandmother, at the Benidorm Festival. Her victory earned her the Valencia singer’s passport to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest on 13 May. Appointment is one of the favourites, along with Sweden and Finland. In fact, the Spaniards are fifth among bettors, a metric that has always been used to determine which countries compete to win each year. But not only that, as the music critic of the BBC, the TV channel organizing the festival this year, predicted that Blanca Paloma would be on the festival stage.

but, The song will be translated by Valencia at the Liverpool Theatre It will never be the same which was heard at Benidorm Fest. At least, that’s what the singer is hinting at Tries different options in his performances preparations from the European tour. Of course, in every one of her performances, Valencia conquers the audience, which goes from emotion to applause in a matter of seconds.

So, for now, the unknown is open as to how the song will be interpreted on May 13th.

Blanca Paloma changes

The first surprise came at the Portuguese Song Festival, where she surprised the singer with a song audio version. In the same vein, he performed yesterday Saturday at to prepare Held this weekend on the Riviera in Madrid.

One of the changes that attracted fans and Eurofans occurred at the pre-concert in Israel, which was held at the beginning of last week. there, Blanca Paloma was surprised by a fresh startmore suggestive and more extended in it Show his vocal quality. However, if it is repeated in Liverpool, then Valencia will have to make changes to the well-known structure of the song, since then It will exceed the maximum time of three minutes Set out in the Eurovision rules.

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However, the unpredictable change occurred in Blanca Paloma’s performance to prepare From Madrid last Friday. In addition to offering the beginning issued in Israel, Valencia presented a Dancebreak last In the song surrounding a large dance troupe, she incited the ritual and drove thousands of people in the Madrid room mad.

for now, Few details are known about her Eurovision Song Contest performance although the singer has always claimed it You will maintain the spirit of the winning version at the Benidorm Festival. In this case, sticking to the audio version can be ruled out, but can ideally submit – with the required changes – either of the two other changes provided. What is known is that RTVE I got over 23 yards of fringe curtainsTherefore, the final scene will contain the signature scene element used by the singer in the national final.

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