Blanca Lee accuses Paco Bezerra of threats, harassment and “organizing a movement based on a lie”

After six months of work Paco Bezera I die because I do not die. Teresa’s double life Removed from programming Teatros del Canal its artistic director, white mehe has He broke his silence This Friday at a press conference held with an unusual excuse: to show the scales of the season, which began only four months ago, since September. Accompanied by Mariano de Paco, Director of Theater Management and Advisor to the Performing Arts of the Community of Madrid, Lee began her speech by evaluating not the season, but the three years she has spent at the head of the theatre’s artistic management, since her appointment in November 2019, “to carry out a very thoughtful artistic project to reach all citizens and put the theaters at the fair international level that corresponds to them ” the director recalled the arrival of the epidemic, the measures taken, the number of performances scheduled, the opening of a new hall, the occupancy rates, the number of spectators, the number of viewers, the number of scheduled performances and the opening of a new hall.”We want to put these Theaters at the experimental vanguard,” Lee read in the pages she wrote, thanking Marta Rivera de la Cruz for trusting her “to carry out a process that included a turnaround in theaters.” Announcement of resignation, a possibility that Lee denied throughout his speech, confirming that his term would expire in June 2023. His contract expires on December 31.but has the possibility of extension, at the latest until June 30 of the following year.

After this impromptu assessment, the director of the Teatros del Canal responded for an hour to journalists’ questions about the Bezerra case, in which she denied the existence of any political interference or censorship, accused Paco Bezerra of harassing her, and also confirmed that the artists and artistic directors who supported the playwright had done so on the basis of information False and they, six months later, detailed the conditions for financing the work, details that had not been previously provided, not even by the Minister of Culture in any of their interventions or by the General Director of Cultural Promotion, Gonzalo Cabrera, at the Madrid Assembly.

Reasons for deletion

“It is absolutely wrong that any kind of political interference should take place at the Teatros del Canal in the development of artistic programming. The decision to make changes was not based on the fact that my programming was poorly designed, but on economic reasons deriving from increasing inflation, which forced all European theaters to flexibility in adjusting their budgets.Therefore, It is categorically false that any censorship and any impediment to any artist has been imposed in Teatros Dell. I believe that fans of the performing arts who follow and learn about the programming of these theaters know that this institution is open to all themes, all discourses, all forms, transgression, diversity, and above all, to any artistic proposal guaranteed by its quality (& mldr;) I will never accept ideological reasons (To delete a work), I am Blanca Lee, I am an innovator and I have done many works in my life, I could not accept anything ideological, I would leave, I would get up in the morning, I would take my bag. If I don’t leave, it’s because there was no interference, no problem, no problem.”

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“It is the Board of Directors (Madrid, Culture and Tourism) that evaluates, with the programming and budget proposal, and decides whether to make a reduction. Some expenses had to be cut and they focused on co-productions, works that did not yet exist. Five works were cancelled, Not just the work of Paco Bezerra.When they told me the score, the cuts that had to be made and the five productions that we had to cancel, I accepted it ”

a movement based on lies & rdquor;

“It’s not true that I haven’t talked about this in all this time with the media because I’ve actually done quite a few interviews. Others used the words well to orchestrate a movement based on a lieBecause Mr. Bezerra never wanted to understand or accept the explanations or information that my team and I conveyed to him regarding a decision related to the economic difficulties we are going through.

“What happened with Paco Bezerra happens to any artist. In other words, to us artists – because I don’t forget that I have had a career touring all the theaters in the world for more than 30 years – it happens to us regularly that we have theaters that offer us the programming of our plays and it happens to us too That the same theaters with those of us who have been discussing for years tell us that this project will not be able to be implemented due to economic or other problems.Maybe Paco Bezerra still does not have the experience or he has not been to many theaters and this has not happened to him before, but In the past two years, it has been canceled five times and I have not insulted the stage manager.

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Threats and harassment from Paco Bezera

“When I spoke with Paco Bezerra, I told him it wouldn’t be programmed, and only a few weeks after confirming the official program of the Teatros del Canal, which it wasn’t, he called me and told me very insistently ‘I have to say the dates for the next season now.'” In that The moment, we are at the beginning of July, I have just submitted the season and I do not have the budget nor a plan of programs for the following year, so I cannot confirm the dates 100% at that moment.This conversation was very tense, and he started saying that this is impossible and unacceptable, and that all that I told him it was a lie, that he didn’t believe a single word, and at one point, he brought out the word censorship for the first time.. I told him it wasn’t, it was a budget cut, and he replied: This is censorship, I resign or call the media& rdquo;.

A public theater like this has budget constraints, that is, we cannot program everything that is proposed to us or everything that we like or are excited about. If I didn’t mention this issue at first, it was because I don’t deal with threats or when I get harassed over the networks. I have received in recent months I’ve had over 5,000 insulting posts, most of them containing photo montages of my face, mainly posted by Paco Bezerra

“I never told Paco Bezerra that his work was censored, and he was the one who said it and He was the one who threatened me and went to talk to the media. Since then, this has been on the rise and I can assure you there is no censorship here. And if all artists dedicate themselves to doing this with directors, I think not only do I have a problem, all theater directors probably have it.”

Pedro Almodóvar received false information & rdquor;

“The connections made from the beginning come from confusion, from misunderstanding, and Paco Becerra decides that this is censorship and informs the media that we are censoring his work. From that moment I realized that everyone, including the actors and many people, claimed this because obviously, if This was really a censorship issue, I’ll be the first to defend it.But this wasn’t a censorship case.”

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Do you think that Pedro Almodovar or Alfredo Zanzul, who criticized censorship and political interference in this matter, do not have their own standards? “I have a lot of respect for them and I am happy to know that all artists are there when there is a case to make. In this case, the problem is that The information they received is wrongbut the fact that all artists defend freedom of expression is fundamental and I am the first to defend it, but the problem is that there was simply a misunderstanding and from there a snowball was made that reached what we are witnessing today & rdquor ;.

Mariano Di Paco explains the details of the work with Red Prospero

Prospero Co-Production and Creation has a maximum budget of €45,000 for audiovisual recordings; To purchase the rights there is a maximum of €75,000; For translation into eight languages, there is 12,000 euros, and for other expenses related to this audio-visual process, there is 5,000 euros. This means that Prospero subsidizes half of these maximum sums, and what it gives is half of those 45,000 for co-productions: half of those 75,000 for recording and audiovisual rights, the other half of those 12,000 for translation into 8 languages, and the other half of those 5,000 euros for those other surrounding expenses that related to registration. production budget I die because I do not die It was about 100,000 euros, half of which was provided by the production company and the other half by Teatros del Canal, that is, 50,000 euros. and there is that if the theater puts 50,000 but Prospero puts me 45,000, the theater will only put 5,000 euros. This is not the case: the theater must put 22,500 of the first budget block plus 5,000, that is, 27,500; about €37,000 from the second budget related to the registration and purchase of rights; 6,000 euros related to translation and 2,500 euros related to other related expenses. We are talking about a lump sum – he insisted on Prospero’s 48% participation – of about 75,000, which, added to the expenses of the exhibition of the work, brings the figure assumed by the Teatros del Canal in its entirety to about 120,000 euros.

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