Black Friday | So you can get the best discounts at Zara

There are many stores that have made headway in sales Black Friday: from Amazon, which did this a week ago, to Renfe, which also decided to take its bid and have it coincide with the launch of Iryo, another competitor to its high-speed trains.

also InditexThe fashion giant presents Black Friday in chain stores -Zara, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Oysho … -, as it has done in previous years, although only for customers. In other words, those who have downloaded the Zara app or other brands’ app will be able to get discounts from 40% the day before, on November 24, around 8:00 p.m. in the App. From 10 pm, also on the website and throughout the 25th, it will be applied to physical stores.

However, whoever tried to buy Zara Or any of the Inditex stores on Black Friday or sales you know are insane. So there are some tricks you can follow to get a file Best discounts:

  • end of the store. All stores, including supermarkets, usually put things you want to take (or seasonal clothes, in this case) at the entrance. And sales or bargains, at the end of it all, that you have to go through the entire store to get to it.

  • Fitting rooms or requesting a waiting area. These days, Inditex employees aren’t enough when it comes to putting on clothes that people have taken to the fitting rooms. So in the asses of the fitting rooms you can find your size or some bargain that someone had to leave. Of course, you will have to wait for the employee to decide on his situation. The same thing happens with the order waiting area: there are still unreturned returns and you can find them right there, in the middle of the clothing mountain.

  • Check the label with the app’s scanner. Because the deduction may have been made, but it cannot be distinguished from the deduction. If there is something you like, get it and scan it to check.

  • clothes out of season. Summer clothes will be cheaper on Black Friday than fall or winter clothes.

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