Bill Gates’ prediction of veganism: “It would be great, but…”

The famous billionaire Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, every year makes a prediction of what the world holds in the not too distant future.

in its popular sessions ‘Ask me anything’ (“Ask Me What You Want”) On the Ask Me platform, users ask questions on various global issues to discover Impressions of an American businessman. In its final session, the philanthropist focused specifically on issues related to climate change and veganism.

lack of awareness

There are many people who consider that eliminating animal products from the diet can help reduce emissions that accelerate and fuel climate change.

The billionaire is one of them, and this is what he showed: “It would be great if it was adopted, but I don’t think the majority have. Bill Gates believes that the population is not sufficiently informed and willing to take the initiative and let go of a Practically a meat diet Instead, bet on a diet in which products of plant origin prevail. In addition, he is very suspicious that the main reason a person decides to become a vegetarian is to protect the planet.

the only way

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The businessman also wanted to highlight Exertion What some companies do in their daily lives to be more respectful of nature: “There are companies that make beef in new ways, that work with animals but reduce methane emissions.

On the other hand, he insisted, sustainable products must be as cheap as polluting ones: “The key to climate is to make clean products as cheap as polluting ones in all areas of emissions: planes, meat, mldr; this is the only way we can claim every country in The world is changing. If it costs a lot more, we won’t succeed.”

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