Big Zero for Albert Serra in Goya

All honors Alkarras, naturally. The wonderful movie of Carla Simon he won Golden bear in Berlin, which was selected by the Spanish Film Academy to compete for the Oscars, received excellent reviews and did well at the box office. But without any intention of getting into silly comparisons, because every director and director is a scientist as it turns out Strange and baffling – And I dare say he’s not smart -, Absolute absence Calm down Albert Serra in this year’s nominations. Absolute zero, like academic failure, is tossed on the waterline of a given independent cinema.

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Is this movie really worth any consideration? Because if it comes to making Sera pay for his verbal incontinence and the way he talked about the actors, for example, we’re entering dangerous territory. It’s a minority film that, of course, didn’t collect queues in theaters, however He competed in the last Cannes, a competition in which only Almodóvar has competed in recent yearsand just won a prestigious award, Louis Delluc, being the first Spanish – or Catalan, or Banyoles – filmmaker to achieve this. The award was established in 1937 and the first to receive it were neither more nor less than Jean Renoir by the underworld.

If you won it, that’s because Calm down It can enter the fray because it is a co-production with France, e.g like animals (17 nominations) f One year, one night (only three). And do geographical issues take precedence over achievement since then Calm down Talking about political and nuclear intrigues in French Polynesia, Isaki La Costa’s film focuses on the trauma of the terrorist attack in Paris’ Bataclan? Or is it Is it appropriate to teach Sera a “lesson”? Nothing justifies his absence.

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