Big construction companies come to Ferrovial’s defense: ‘The Netherlands is not a tax haven’

Major builders and concessionaires defended government attacks on Ferrovial after it learned it had moved its headquarters to the Netherlands. The Siobhan sector employers’ union issued a statement that, “in view of the inaccurate information and unfair exclusion of past days coming from within and outside the government” it “necessary” to clarify that the decision taken by the Board of Directors of Ferrovial, “in the legitimate exercise of their right and in strict compliance with Spanish law And community law, it will not affect their activity in Spain, which will continue to be a favored country.” The association representing Ferrovial itself and other large construction companies such as ACS, Acciona, Sacyr and OHLA (formerly OHL), defends that the company will continue to operate in Spain as it has been so far and that the reorganization of the company is designed so that “employment, activity and investments remain intact in Spain and without Relevant tax impact This association says: “Information that the decision was influenced by the desire to benefit from a lower tax burden should be rejected.” The company achieved in our country last year 1443 million sales, 147 million euros, employment of 5413 workers and a tax contribution of 282 million euros. From Seopan, they also made accusations such as those made against the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, who accused the Netherlands of being a country practicing “financial dumping” within the European Union. relevant, if not non-existent.” In this sense, they noted, the reorganization responds to Ferrovial’s increasing internationalization and the income and value for the company it generates abroad. “Ferrovial has strong development and growth potential for the coming years in In the United States and Canada, markets in which it has proven its competitiveness.” Related news No Ferrovial will accelerate its exit from Spain and will try to close it this year Antonio Ramirez Cerezo It is expected that at the time of the effectiveness of the merger the Dutch parent company will establish a branch in Spain, he explained According to the CNMV finally, “and prior to disqualifications of all kinds to which the Company is subjected,” Seopan shows its absolute disapproval and willingness to exercise as many actions as possible that would correspond to any action that “might constitute infringing, unequal or unequal matters.” Discriminatory treatment of the company in doing business in Spain. Spain to the Netherlands.A movement that will take place after carrying out a reverse merger: Its company in the Dutch country will absorb the Spanish parent company.After this operation, the company will be listed simultaneously on the stock exchanges of Spain, the Netherlands and the United States.

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