“Biden supports the brave heroes who stood up to Putin”

A mixture of passion, gratitude, energy and good omens to continue the fight against Russia. This is how the Ukrainian people welcomed Joe Biden’s visit to Kiev yesterday. Four days after Vladimir Putin’s invasion, the president of the United States met with his counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky in the country’s capital, which has remained tightly closed and under more surveillance than ever during the previous hours. It is usually since the war began. “When you are in a war you are on the concrete side and you know that, and you have a clear conscience, you feel very comfortable. And that’s what I think is happening to Joe Biden. In Zelensky’s embrace, there was a feeling that he enjoys it because he supports the heroes, the Ukrainians, that we are the brave ones who stood up to Putin, ”says Zoya Zimikovska. She is 38 years old and has lived in Spain since 2019, but a few days ago she returned to her country as a translator for an organization Help To Ukraine NGO, the only Spanish organization working in Ukraine since the war broke out.. In Leopolis, his hometown, his mother and son live. In the groups he follows on Telegram, he looks at a picture of Biden and Zelensky and smiles. Biden’s visit to Ukraine EFE “Biden’s visit She is the support we need,” Galina, 35, explains to ABC. “It shows that we are on the right track and that we are ready to reach out for a helping hand whenever we want.” Galina lives in a town near Bakhmut, and since the war broke out, she has volunteered at the Tamm Center. She creates it near where she lives.From there, she prepares packages of dried food for Ukrainian soldiers and is responsible for the logistics of the items they need to fight: she buys them warm clothes and coordinates a group of people who weave camouflage nets and cook energy bars. . “The army needs our support and they need to feel our warmth, that we are there and thank them for what they are doing at the front,” he explains. “We are a nation and you have to know that we are in this together. That is why Biden’s visit is so important. Today is an important day. Because in this way we understand, know and feel that he is also fighting with us against Russia.” Ahead of the publication of a photo of Biden and Zelensky in Kiev, a map of Ukraine from Aerial Alert! — the app by which Ukrainians figured out when to take refuge — was dyed red: the entire country was on alert for the possibility of a Russian air attack. Radio, television and Telegram channels have also warned of this possibility. The start of activity in Belarus At the same time, from the other side of the border, the activity began. The MIG31K strategic bomber, capable of launching Kinzhal supersonic missiles, was taking off from Belarus in the direction of Ukraine. In response to this launch, two AWACS aircraft left Poland, with the ability to monitor and control the airspace. There were moments of confusion and news interfered, but from the southwest side, a few kilometers from Mykolaiv, the country people went on with their routine. Related news Yes, Biden’s visit to Zelensky in Kiev: absolute secrecy and great military coverage. David Alandet Standard Yes, Biden’s visit to Zelensky in Kiev: Absolute secrecy, with great military coverage David Alandet Bars, offices and shops were open. And in the land of dark fields – the most fertile and grateful that exists in the entire continent, where everything grows – two Ukrainian army helicopters landed near some trucks laden with weapons. Having collected ammunition, they returned to Kherson, to the front. While Galina was speaking to this newspaper, Luke Skywalker’s voice cut off contact with Mark Hamill’s voice: “Attention. Air Alert has ended. May the Force be with you.” As the end of the red alert was announced, the map of Ukraine returned to its usual colors. Irina replied, 38 years old, “If Biden is here, it means something good: that he will give us some small tanks.” His friend Bogdan, 36, thinks the same: “For the President of the United States to come is a strong message of support for Ukraine. I am sure that the visit will be accompanied by measures Strong to enhance the defensive capabilities and offensive forces.”

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