Biden, he successfully operated on a precancerous lesion on the skin of the chest

Kevin O’Connor, physician to the President of the United States, Joe Biden, reported that the President The basal cell carcinoma was removed from his chest during surgery last month. O’Connor explained in a note that a biopsy confirmed that the small lesion Biden had Basal cell carcinomaIt is one of the most common types of skin cancer, according to the White House. This type of cancer It does not usually spread or lead to malignancy, as it can happen with melanoma. In addition, its incidence in the population is high: it is estimated that this type accounts for 6% of all diagnosed cancers.

The doctor stressed that the area was treated during the biopsy: “It has healed very well” and will not need further treatment. “president Dermatological monitoring will continue As part of their ongoing comprehensive medical care.” The operation took place on February 16 during a regular review by the medical team that monitors his health. In conclusion, the White House issued a statement accompanying the doctors’ report noting that Biden is “healthy and active” and in position He can successfully face his presidential duties.

Biden, who is 80, previously expressed this before the midterm elections last November, despite the fact that “I could drop dead tomorrow.”What is important is his energy, and thus stressed that it is “completely legitimate” for Americans to judge him by his health. The US president said in an interview on MSNBC: “In terms of how much I can do, I think people should look and say: Do you still have the same passion for what you do?”

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In recent months, controversy over Biden’s health has been revived after the release of various videos in which he appears disoriented. Despite this, the American president still wants to look forward to a second term in the White Housealthough by that time he will be 81 years old.

Biden, who became the oldest person to hold power in the United States in 2020, had earlier indicated that he could maintain the same demand in office, citing the regular trips he makes both nationally and internationally.

Tradition dictates that whoever sits in the Oval Office does so for eight years, or at least aspires to do so, so the fact that Biden resigned “of his own accord” for re-election means A landmark in American politics It could, to some extent, determine the course of the alternative Democratic candidates.

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