Biden defends his administration and wants more: Let’s get the job done

Joe Biden He arrived at his State of the Union address, Wednesday, in a vulnerable position: His approval rating is still sinkingRepublicans have the ability to end his agenda almost completely after taking over the House of Representatives, and almost no one, even in his own party, is excited about his run for re-election next year.

The President of the United States tried to use his appearance, one of the specific dates in the political calendar of the leading world power, to defend his administration and demand cooperation from the Republicans for Promote his agenda for the remainder of the mandate.

“Let’s get the job done,” said Biden repeatedly, who has made clear he will seek to project himself as an open leader — with no other choice — to gain support among Republicans. He said, “I don’t want to ruin your reputation, but I look forward to working with you.” Kevin McCarthyThe Republican who took over the Speaker of the House last month and is known to be ruthless with his political enemies.

Biden has bragged about US economic progress in the latter half of the year, with A Gradual containment of inflation and reduction of unemployment to Over the past half century, achievements have not been rewarded in polls: According to the backlog of “FiveThirtyEight,” only 43% of Americans approve of his administration, and 52% hold it against.

The successes tonight have by no means permeated Americans: Only 36% believe they have achieved “too much” or “enough” during their presidency, according to a Washington Post/ABC poll. They do not have this feeling even in the economic aspect: 58% attach their management to this area.

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His speech was very focused Convince the average voterFocused largely on economic and financial discourse, on promoting social coverage, and less on issues of identity such as the LGBTQ agenda, racial tensions, or educational conflicts.

“Let’s finish the job” was a call for Republicans, but it may also have been the first sign that one term would not be enough.

The president came into this debate with an uncertain political future. He did not confirm whether he would run for re-election, but said that was his intention. The current perception is that of a degraded president who has many doubts about his ability to win the election again. In 2024 he will be on the verge of turning 82 and will eventually leave for a second term at the age of 86.

The prospect of him remaining in the White House, for now, excites no one. Not even among Democrats: 58% would prefer someone else to introduce themselves.

It could be the other way around trump, which Republicans don’t see as very favorable either — 44% want him as a candidate, 49% would prefer another — though polls give him the slightest advantage over Biden. But the incumbent president may face other Republican candidates who are stronger than Trump, such as Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, who is already ahead of Biden in opinion polls for a potential showdown.

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