Biden conveys his support to Sweden for entering NATO

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, and the Prime Minister of Sweden, Ulf Kristersson, debated on Wednesday The possibility of Sweden joining NATO During a meeting held at the White House on the occasion of the Swedish President’s visit to the North American country.

Biden, who said he values ​​Sweden as “friend and partner” He indicated that he was “looking forward to joining” NATO, although Turkey and Hungary did not show an arm at the moment.

Thus, he stressed that it is “very capable” country He passed on to Christerson “all of his support”. According to White House sources, he said that “Sweden will make the alliance stronger.”

In this sense, stressed that Stockholm It “shares the values” of countries that are already part of NATO He noted that all together “are trying to protect those common values ​​when providing assistance to Ukraine.”

For his part, Christerson thanked Biden for the invitation and expressed that “Great value” for the SwedesWhile stressing that both countries “share many values ​​and priorities.”

“Thank you for your leadership,” And he had stated before stressing that Sweden has “things to contribute” to NATO and alerting, on the other hand, of the “challenges posed by China to democracies” around the world.

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