Biden celebrates Democrats’ good results as a ‘victory for democracy’

Joe Biden’s tone and rhetoric fundamentally changed the effects of this election on Wednesday. Barely a week after lamenting in a sad speech the danger of democracy collapsing in the United States in this vote, the president has now come to salute the great power of democracy after the result. Better than expected for your party.

“We’ve lost fewer seats in the House of Representatives than in the first midterm elections of any Democratic president in the past 40 years, and we’ve had the best midterm for governors since 1986,” Biden said in a speech at the White House.

It is true that these by-elections are usually bad for the president. Barack Obama came to describing them as “hit”. For Biden, the Democratic resistance is a very pleasant surprise, indicating that things are not as bad as they seem to him.

With record inflation exceeding 8%, his party is still fighting a recount to keep the House and Senate. If Republicans get one, it’s for one An uncontrollable scanty majority. Most likely, analysts say, each party will keep one room, with Democrats still in control of the Senate.

‘It was a good day for democracy’Biden said visibly relieved on Wednesday, referring to the defeat of leading candidates backed by Donald Trump who questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election. On his social network, the Truth Social, Trump admitted hours earlier that the results “were not as expected,” an admission Rare than the former president.

Biden said in his speech: “While the press and analysts expected a Giant conservative wavethat didn’t happen.” The Democrats even so far won a Republican seat in the Pennsylvania Senate when Jon Fetterman defeated TV doctor Mehmet Oz, Trump’s pick and support.

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The president also acknowledged that many Americans remain concerned about the direction of the country — “voters have also made it clear that they are still frustrated, I understand” — and said he would be willing to strike a deal with the Republicans if they took control of the country. One of the rooms of the Capitol Building. However, the president said there is still a chance for Democrats to hang on.

Despite polls giving him only 41% support, Biden said the Republicans’ modest gains wouldn’t make him change course. «I won’t change anything Basically,” said the president.

The truth is that if the Republicans take control of the House, they plan to launch investigations into Biden and his family, including the possibility of impeachment. None of Biden’s legislative priorities would be overridden, and government funding could prove challenging.

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