Beyond Biden

Within ten days legislative elections will be held in the United States. At this point, it is very likely that the Republicans will have a majority in both houses. Democrats are trying to limit the damage and at least retain their slim lead in the Senate. A more likely Republican victory would leave Joe Biden stranded, losing enough support to carry out his domestic projects. However, it will retain a broad capacity to work on matters of foreign policy and defense, as enshrined in the US Constitution, which is essential to continue to successfully lead the international coalition of forty nations supporting Ukraine. But the Democrats’ problem with winning over a Republican party dominated by the increasingly bizarre Donald Trump extends beyond Biden. It is true that the current president is seen as a weak leader, whom many directly blame for high oil and gas prices and high inflation. However, US economic data is better than European data, and Biden is only part of the Democrats’ flaws. As Jonathan Haidt has pointed out, more left-wing voters – just 8% of the population – have a disproportionate influence in the Democratic Party, in large part due to their massive influence on social networks. They prevent it from being a focused political formation and continue to fail to overcome malign identity politics. They only understand the problems of minorities and never speak to ordinary citizens, detached from their radicalism and multicultural vision of society. For these democratic militants, the fragmentation of society is beautiful and there can be no common ground with political opponents. They believe that a Supreme Court ruling denying abortion is a fundamental right and that investigations into the attack on Capitol Hill by Trump supporters should be enough to tip the election in their favour. But America is much more polarized and much more diverse than many different growers think.

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