Beyoncé makes history at the Grammys that named Harry Styles for Album of the Year

Beyoncé is already sitting in throne Grammy, though, still without crown. This Sunday, at 65th edition of awards american recording academy, Houston artist achieved thanks to her album ‘The Four Renaissance Awards, Including the best dance album and Record breaking Held since 1997 by the Director of the Orchestra George Solti. With 32 gramophones, she has already become the most awarded female artist in the history of these awards.

However, the celebration could not be complete and Beyoncé, who thanks to the nine nominations this year accumulated with her husband Jay-Z also Record number of nominations (88), he still hasn’t won the award Best album of the year Acknowledgment that in this edition has gone to Harry Stiles by “Harry’s House”. The list of black female recipients of Best Album remains stuck at three: Natalie Cole, Whitney Houston, and Lauryn Hill, the last to receive it, in 1999.

Bonnie Rhett and Lizzo

Nor could Beyoncé repeat in only one of the three major categories she won, namely the best song, which he conquered in the last decade with “All the Single Ladies”. Because the academics decided to recognize in this category veteran talent and stunt work Bonnie Raitt on “Just Like That”, A folk song about a mother meeting her son’s heart transplant recipient and added to by the singer-songwriter. Eleventh Grammy.

Beyoncé’s triumphant star night is sure to keep the voices they see alive and shining Too many Grammy bills hanging out with black music and artists, although this year academics left important recognitions in this area. prize Best New Artist was for Samara Joy, Black Jazz Singer From the Bronx. and the artist with a tremendous voice and exuberant posture lizo He took the prize Best Recording for ‘Damn Time’.

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It was the singer from Detroit who spoke with human hope, with her gramophone on stage, as well as dedicating the award to Prince, “that we not only do good things, but we are inherently good” and spread the message of the importance of “being.” true to himself & rdquor;Sentimental words for Beyoncé. He reminded her that she had left school to see him at prom. “You are the artist of our life” he said to her.

Changes in the Academy

Other efforts by the Recording Academy were also featured at the ceremony She was challenged by her conservatism, questionable transparency in her nomination process, and lack of racial and gender diversity Among the winners to do some justice For these artists and genres with whom he had hitherto had a dubious relationship.

For example, the Dr. Dre Award for Global Impact was issued, which went to … Dr. Dre. The indisputable star of the night number was a 50 years of celebrating hip-hop, Arguably the most influential and infamous Grammy hit, its birth was pinpointed at a party hosted by DJ Kool Here at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx.

Throughout 12 minutes, in a review organized and performed by Questlove 33 artists Grandmaster Flash, Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Slat-N-Pepa, Rakim, De la Soul, Ice-T, Queen Latifah, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Lil Baby, GloRilla, and Lil Uzi Vert have toured in three Business Movements, styles, regions and generations.

The Academy also ensures that they are changing. In its composition since 2019 there are according to the data you provided An increase of 19 percent for women and 38 percent for representatives of “traditionally underrepresented communities”& rdquo;. And something definitely inspirational in this edition.

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The TV gig he’s back at after the pandemic and a trip to Las Vegas Angels It was hosted by comedian Trevor Noah, and opened by Bad Bunny Sing in Spanish. The Puerto Rican has also made his own story with the status of “Summer Without You,” bestowed upon him Best Urban Music Albumas the first work recorded entirely in Spanish to be among the finalists for Best Album of the Year.

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It was also the night he was Milestones for the LGBTQ community Thanks to Kim PetrasFirstly transgender Awarded in the Best Duo category for “Unholy”, her recording with Sam Smith. And in his trio of emotional thanks: to the impassioned producer SOPHIE, to Madonna (who showed up specifically to provide performances by Petras and Smith) and to his mother. “I grew up on the side of a highway to nowhere and my mom believed me I was a girl. I wouldn’t be here without her and her support,” Petras said.

This edition also gave Rosalía another Grammy. At the ceremony preceding the telecast, in which 79 out of 91 prizes were handed out, the Saint-Esteve Scissoevers were handed out with “MotomamiPrize for Best latin rock or alternative record. The thing he couldn’t take home was the long-form music video for “Motomami (Tik Tok Live Performance)”, and in this category the award went to ‘Motomami (Tik Tok Live Performance)’.Jazz Festival: The Story of New Orleans, An hour and a half documentary about the annual festival that takes place in Louisiana.

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