Beware of oil Three infallible tricks to prevent oil from jumping out when frying an egg

Fried eggs is one of them The star dishes of our gastronomy. It’s a quick and simple dish that almost everyone loves You have a problem. When we put the egg in the oil, the kitchen becomes an amazing sight. Water containing egg yolks makes the dreaded stains when mixed with hot oil. It may also be because the pan is somewhat damp, so it is recommended when you are going to prepare this dish that you spend a piece of paper Pipette to remove any remaining water.

If you love fried eggs but struggle every time you have to do them We have some tricks for you. By following these steps, you will not have to cook a distance of one meter from the pan for fear of jumping out and burning the oil:

Add salt

Heat the oil in the pan. When the oil is hot, add a pinch of salt before adding the eggs. The salt prevents the oil from skipping because it absorbs moisture.


We put a frying pan with enough oil and take it to the fire. When the oil starts to get hot, add a pinch of flour (the tip of a knife will suffice) and stir until it dissolves. Once the flour has dissolved, and the oil is very hot, we add the eggs.


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It consists of adding half of the shell of the same egg you are going to fry over the oil in the pan and not removing it while the eggs are frying. This way, the oil does not jump out.

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Apart from these scams, you should keep this in mind You should never put an egg in the pan if you just took it out of the fridge with very hot oil. Also, if you use a frying pan with a high wall, you will also avoid food splattering.

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