Betis: The team with the most points in the Europa League in the round of 16 … and two “free” weeks in February

TheI managed to strip myself of the Seville derby on Sunday, which will already monopolize all the sporting and media attention in the capital of Seville, Pettis Closed last night at Benito Villamarne Outstanding performance in the group stage European League hit the Helsinki. Team Pellegrini And he did not want to miss the opportunity to satisfy his new fans, thus completing the first stage of the continental competition in which he made it clear that his position in the third bet of the lottery does not correspond to his reality.

Verdiblancos added 16 of the 18 points at stake in the six days of this stage of the tournament, closing group C As captain and undefeated, with five wins and one draw, 12 goals and only four against, he became the team with the most points in the competition this season. It was a semi-public session that was not complete due to the schedules before Rome From Mourinho In the Benito VillamarneAfter winning all three of their away matches in FinlandAnd the Italia s Bulgaria. So Pettis Automatically entered the Round of 16, avoiding the February “play-off” against the third set that falls from Champions.

No midweek matches on February 16 and 13

Helipolitan also made practically full income from sports trophies: €3,150,000 for their five victories (at €630,000 each) and €210,000 for their tie with Rome. The sums to which he adds the guaranteed numbers for group play, the coefficient bonus, an additional 1,100,000 euros to win his group, the money he collects to enter the round of 16, as well as the television “market pool” that is distributed at the end of the tournament, which is already close to 16 million had been assigned to the competition.

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Although your technician, Manuel Pellegrinithe most important thing is that the football players were able to “launch” two weeks of competition, on February 16 and 23, in which the “qualifiers” will take place between the second group and the teams that fall from below. Champions. In a calendar too busy with leagueAnd the Del Rey Cup s Spanish Super Cup about GlobalismSo saving a flight and having a full two weeks to prepare for his matches in the domestic competition or the knockout tournament (if he can reach the semi-finals) will be necessary in order to maintain a high performance and not overburden him. continental voltage.

In addition, to prevail yesterday to Helsinki 3-0 and giving minutes to many of the players who will start on Sunday was an important emotional boost ahead of the derby match that Pettis best ever arrives in front of a Seville sank in the league classification, in places of relegation to League TwoThis comes from staying out Champions League… although the method European Leaguewhere they can both see each other again during the season.

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