Betis: Save: “I know I need minutes and to be at a high level to play well in the World Cup”

Andrew savedAccompany the third Betis captain this afternoon in the Betis press room Benito Villamarne for your technician, Manuel PellegriniTo analyze how his team faces tomorrow’s match against Roma, corresponding to the fourth day of the group stage European League. In addition, the Mexican indicated his goal to play next month in Qatar who will be his fifth Globalism.

Less minutes than last season?

“Well maybe it’s because the year is starting, but I don’t feel like he’s playing less, really. I feel like we’re in rotation, I feel calm because the master is relying on me for certain games like last year, I feel good, so excited, so excited, we’re all who Aspiring to reach the World Cup, we know very well how important it is to keep up with the pace and the high level to get there well. This year I suppose with the same delusion as before and I didn’t feel like I played any less.”

Is the European League an illusion this season?

“Yes, the message of the group, to anyone who had to analyze what we did these years, in each season we had the illusion to improve what was done in the previous season. And this is also this competition. In the second year of the master with us we improved certain things and won the cup, And now this year we’ve reached that goal. It’s not an obsession, it’s an illusion and we’ll work like we’ve done from the start to achieve something more compared to last year and I think we’re on a very good path.”

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Is it inevitable to think about the World Cup?

“You think about it, but it depends on each one. There are people who have their best thinking… I don’t know, just thinking about the World Cup and getting there well, there are others who have the World Cup there, as in my case, it would be the fifth , which is the thing that got me so excited. I know I need minutes and play well, to be at a high level, to play well in the World Cup, after what it means to play the World Cup again. Of course, we all have the illusion, those of us who time and time again went to the selection And those who didn’t, to win a place at the last minute, why not. Each one of them show a very high level, on the last call it should have been Borja Iglesias and who said that if the team continues to maintain the level and individual players continue to show the fight they showed They can win this place.”

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