Betis: Ruibal: “I talk a lot with Bellerin and he keeps giving me advice”

Ettore Roypal The soccer player was selected to accompany on Wednesday to Manuel Pellegrini In the official press conference before the match that Pettis dispute tomorrow in Bulgaria Before LudogoretsCorresponding to the fifth day of the group stage European League. with absences Sabali to injury and Montoya As he was not registered, the Catalan emerged as a right-sided apprentice, a position with which he has become increasingly familiar.

turned to the right side

“In the end, the important thing for me is to play and I don’t care about the position. I have already told the coach several times that I will be wherever he needs it. Obviously I like it, but since I have the ability to adapt to other positions, I take advantage of it.”

Ludogorets, a surprise competitor

“More than a surprise, for us it is clear that if they are in the Europa League they are a great team. We expect a very difficult opponent as we have seen here, they will press hard at home, we have to be aware because they have very good players up front, they are dangerous. But we will go out to win. In the game as we always do.”

Is it the best locker room you’ve ever been to?

“Yes, without a doubt, the good feelings created in the locker room end up on the pitch. Something like that, a relationship like that in the locker room is key and it ends up showing itself.”

Long trip to Bulgaria

“Yeah, yeah, we’ve looked at the flight, it’s long, we’re going to be late today, Friday morning too, but in the end that’s what this competition has to play and we’re very happy to be able to do that.”

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Bellern’s advice to be on the side

“Yes, I talk a lot with Hector, he keeps giving me his little advice and the rest, happy where he is.”

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