Betis: Pellegrini: “These are three very important points that will bring us close to qualifying”

Manuel PellegriniTechnical PettisThis afternoon, in the stadium press room olympic rome To analyze how the Verdiblancos will face the match they will play tomorrow at this point against the team they are leading Jose Mourinhocorresponding to the third day of the group stage European League.

A major match, but not a final

“It is an important match, it is not a decisive game, as long as the math is not working, neither team is ranked. But hopefully it will be a very good match because there will be a lot of people on the field and there are two important teams in the Europa League we will try to go out and win from the first minute “.

There is no ‘bad throw’ with Mourinho

“No, nothing, my statements are an admiration for a good coach and his for me too. I have the right relationship with him. We have come across in Spain for several years, in England also for many years. Each one is his own words and can make the statements he sees fit. For me, I’ve always said that, after going to Malaga it was a source of pride, I had many other opportunities to go to bigger clubs, but I like challenges and that’s why I did it every one interprets his words as you see fit, there is no problem between me and Jose Mourinho in this Connection. There was no need to talk about it, we’ve met ten times since then and it’s never been a problem.”

How does the team arrive physically?

“The team is arriving well, there is no problem for the players to recover from Sunday to Thursday, there are more than 72 hours, they are all available. The recovery is more complicated from Thursday to Sunday, it is shorter. The team is very cool, well done.”

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Poor physical condition

“Because of the medical indications, Nabil can play a maximum of 45 minutes in the last game, he played, he responded well, so he has no problem tomorrow.”

Avoid distractions in the first minutes

“The team always goes out 100% in all matches. In contrast, there is another team that plays and can beat you at some point, if they are not football machines, they are human beings with better and worse moments. Against Celta, the home team went out to look for the game and scored a goal. Early on, and there are so many variables that it might seem like we didn’t go into it 100%, but the team did, and I don’t think there’s any problem, we’re fully trying it out in the matches, but there’s a rival up front.”

Do you think that Dybala is the defining element of Roma?

“I think he is one of the many important players for Roma. They have invested a lot of money in making a very good team, they are very good players.”

More than 3000 attics in Rome

“I am very happy that they have the opportunity to travel, the last time Betis played here in the Europa League in Milan there were a large number of people, last year they also accompanied us in many matches. For us it is a joy to have their support and we hope to dedicate the victory to them” .

At this point, does Pettis deserve a tie?

“For us, winning three points would be very important even if they don’t leave us 100% secret, that’s very close. We never go out for a draw, we always go out to win from the first minute, and if you can we’re not going to win, it’s better to draw than to We lose but knowing that we are facing a strong opponent and in his field we are not looking for a point. Until the end, but we’re definitely not here to equalise.”

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