Betis: Canales: “Now we can’t escape first place”

And thehe is Pettis can seal Leadership from your group in European League This is next Thursday. Three matches, three wins. Sergio channels it is clear: “Now we can’t escape”. The Spaniard gave an extensive interview to the club’s official media. “It was the goal. Our goal was to win every game and the circumstances, it is true that we are playing with many important victims, but The team is advancing And victory on that day puts us in a very good position, but we have to close it. Now we can’t escape from first place And we have to do everything we can on Thursday to try and get that done.”

Enjoy the team Rome. The Pettis Track a goal from Dybala To take the three points Olympic. “He pays tribute to the team, and what he has to say about all the fans who came and who couldn’t, who helped us so much in the end. I really enjoyed it and had a great timeHe drew attention to “the truth”, noting that there are different big scenarios throughout the season, mainly due to in Europe I take it Football is different, everything goes fastervery complicated and the team It withstood the pressure very well On a great pitch, he deserved to win.”

Excellence in Rome

“He had occasions, some of them obvious, the match could have been decided there. We lost Nabil after 20 minutes, the team turned him on, we slipped him and we continued with the idea of ​​the game and football. In the second half, even when they pressed a little bit more, we had a time lag there when We had less ball. I saw the team very calm, very mature and that’s very important. Always look for victory at different stages of the game”

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Wounded poor and khaanmi

“They are very important players, but on top of that, Sabali too, Victor… The team has been rebuilding itself with every loss. The good thing we have achieved is a team that goes beyond who is missing or not, the most important thing is the team and this is the step we take to forward and that is what I consider our greatest strength.”

His missed chance against Valladolid

“Shoot the bad things as they are. I will fail a thousand more in the future, but I let go of everything, I have nothing left, and beyond that, it is more or less successful, my most obvious goal is to leave nothing at all match and help the team win.”

All Include

“These are the characteristics of every player. Sometimes it is true that I play better in the positions where I feel most comfortable and look for where I can help the team the most, or sometimes I need to go down more because I think that is what the team needs.. I have a lot of movement and sometimes I might arrive more tired at the end, but it’s there to keep working and keep improving.”


“I try to be in the best possible moment for the team. In the end, we all help each other. I try to read the game and see what situations the team needs the most, depending on the opponent, trying to get there as well… Sometimes it’s more expensive. Others are less, but I always try to be on the side of the team.”

We have to keep playing the Champions League in mind, I don’t think we have to leave it aside

Sergio channels

Two games with a lesser man

“We have to learn from that. It’s our mistakes, not individually but as a team and we have to learn from our mistakes. We’ve also condemned that in games without winning the league but we also have to realize that the opponent is playing too, and it was very difficult to win. It took. From Bara himself against Celta the world to collect points at home, and now he is at a very high level. Madrid, with a corner kick in the third minute in Getafe… . ”

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Heroes’ goal?

“We have to keep that in mind, I don’t think we have to put it aside or anything else. The most important goals are the ones we have now and to achieve that we have to be very regular, very persistent, in the bad times, or less than that, that we will have On it, try to keep adding that at the end is what will allow you to fight for it. The first goal is Roma, nothing else. But it’s motivation for the player and for the fans”

Dybala’s loss

“He’s one of those players that you sit down and you want to watch. In addition to scoring the goal, hearing the help, he’s a neat player and I love playing against the best. It’s a shame because going out because of injury doesn’t make us like any teammate. He kicks the leg, if he’s in That gesture, a player with his characteristics… You can never be happy about an injury”

Do you see that you have options to participate in the World Cup?

“I’m fighting every day and frankly I don’t think about the World Cup, I can’t. The most important thing is the present, the Betis match and Thursday. It never crossed my mind. We have to take this month as if it was the last time of the season and after that, whatever comes next. “.

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