Betis: Betis scenarios against Ludogorets to be the first in their group in the European League

And thehe is Pettis Tomorrow travel to Bulgaria to face Thursday Ludogorets On the fifth day of the group stage European League. A game with a team Pellegrini Its main goal is to mathematically certify the first place in group Cwhich will allow them to automatically reach the round of 16 of the competition, thus avoiding the February qualifiers against teams that fall from Champions.

To achieve this, Verdiblancos have several scenarios: by winning, they will automatically be the champions of their group, just as if they were a draw. But in case of defeat, it will depend on the result of the match and on what happens on the last day and the possibility of a three-way tie between PettisAnd the Ludogorets s Rome. We review alternatives in these cases.

Various options in case of defeat

Team Pellegrini won 3-2 in Ludogorets In the Benito Villamarne. In the event of a loss by one goal difference and finishing the level in points only with the Bulgarians, the total goal difference will be taken into account, which is currently preferred by the Bulgarians. Pettis With four in favor of two in favor of that Ludogorets. But if Verdblancos fell Bulgaria With a difference of two or more goals will not depend on themselves.

In this case, it will only be beneficial for them to add more points than Ludogorets On the last date, in which HJK visit Benito Villamarne The Bulgarian team goes to olympic rome. Adding himself, except that the two lose and in this case there is a three-way tie by a team MourinhoThe team will be led before Simundza The person who will pass as the group champion and Pettis You will have to play the playoff.

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if he Pettis He loses on Thursday and falls HJK In the most recent date at the same time as Rome imposed on Ludogoretsthere will be a triple tie through which a team Pellegriniwhich with seven points in matches played between equal teams (wins against Ludogorets s Rome And tied with a team Mourinho), will also be the group champion… and it will be the Italians who will be disqualified.

This is how relations on points are resolved in the UEFA Europa League

Between two or more teams after the six days of the group stage

  • More points in matches played between tied teams
  • Greater goal difference in matches played between tied teams
  • Score more goals in matches played between tied teams
  • If a tie continues, the previous three criteria will be applied in the same order between the teams still tied.

If two or more teams continue to be tied after these criteria, the following will apply in this order:

  • Highest goal difference in all group matches
  • Most goals scored in all group matches
  • Most goals scored away from home in all group matches
  • Most wins in all group matches
  • Most away wins in all group matches
  • Fewer disciplinary points based on yellow and red cards in all group matches (red card = 3 points, yellow card = 1 point, red card for 2 yellow cards in one match = 3 points)
  • Highest club coefficient

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