Betis: Betis, on the way to achieving more than the European League budget

And the– Its budget for the 2022-23 season, which it will present to its shareholders next December in Ordinary General Assembly MeetingThe Pettis Income item has been included to share in European League It is worth 16 million euros. In other words, from the main floor of the Benito Villamarne They counted on raising a similar amount to what they achieved last year, reaching the round of 16 of the competition.

And thanks to the good track of the team he’s leading Manuel PellegriniVerdiblancos comes close to meeting their expectations due to the good sporting results they achieved in the group stage. With three wins and a draw in the first four days, and with the rating already in his pocket, the Pettis He’s making good predictions, and if he can continue to advance in the tournament, he can even make a surplus on this item of accounts at the end of the year.

Fixed and variable income for the tournament

Only in order to play in the group stage, not counting the “market pool” of television broadcasting rights, the Pettis Enter 3.63 million euros, add to it an additional 1.98 million for each coefficient (it is the 17th out of 32 teams participating in the tournament from the group stage with the best coefficient). UEFA). From there, they started adding their prizes with the scores. So far they have collected 1.89 million euros for their three wins (630 thousand euros each) and 210 thousand euros for their draw with the national team. Rome.

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Before the end of the group stage team Pellegrini He will have to play two more matches against Ludogorets in Bulgaria and in front of Helsinki In the Benito Villamarne. In the best case, two additional wins could bring him 1.26 million euros (0.84 million for a win and a draw, 0.63 for a win and a loss, 0.42 million for a two draw and 0.21 million for a draw, in this case no income from two losses).

This is it Pettis He has already secured himself 7.5 million for results with two games remaining, to which he will add another 0.55 million if he finishes second or 1.1 million more if he is champion of the tournament. group C, as everything indicates. In the first case, it will add 0.5 million to enter the round of 16 (qualifiers), which plays the second in the group with the third falling from the groups Champions. And in the second, in addition to avoiding that round, he’ll add another 1.2 million to those 0.5 million to enter the round of 16.

The Market Gathering scored four million last year

The reasonable expectations for his path in the championship indicate that Pettis Be among the top 16 teams in the competition with guaranteed revenue between 9.83 and 10.46 million… not counting TV rights. The distribution that last year provided him with an additional 4 million, in which this year he can benefit, on the one hand, by reaching the championship as the champion of the tournament. Glass..and was damaged by the Spanish teams that may fall to Europa League From Champions.

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Funds from the “market pool”, which this year amounted to 139.5 million euros, are divided into two items by 50% (69.75 million each). The first, distributed by associations with at least one team in the group stage on the basis of the commercial value of their media rights, a distribution in which Pettiswho entered the tournament as a champion Glassgets 60% of the corresponding segment for the Spanish market, with the remaining 40% for real community. The second, broken down by rounds from the group stage to the final, also depends on the associations present in each round and the number of teams from each country.

Less money if the Spaniards fall in the Europa League

In this second game Pettis It would hurt him that teams like BarcelonaThe Seville or the Atletico Madrid will fall to European League The quantities of each stage in which they were present (from the qualifiers) will also be distributed by the associations and in equal parts in each of them among the teams of the said association. These amounts are calculated and distributed based on several additional factors.

The numbers indicate that he is the champion of his group, the Pettiswith all the matches, he will have practically covered the 16 million he has allocated for this season in European League. From then on, each round of progression generates a surplus for this item from your accounts. All of this, of course, without counting the higher income generated by subscriptions with Europe And through ticket offices for their home matches in the competition.

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