Betis: Antonio Corden: “We miss a point, the sooner we get the homework done, the better”

Antonio CordonGeneral Sports Director PettisThis morning, I passed by the microphones of the official radio club Verdeblanco from the hotel Bulgaria Where does his team reside? Manuel Pellegrini Until this afternoon’s match against LudogoretsCorresponding to the fifth day of the group stage European League. A duel in which the Verdiblancos need a point to make sure they are number one in the group C It goes straight to the round of 16.

There is a point missing to be the first in the group

“We lose a point, we have two games, hopefully today, with this delusion we come in with this interest and see if we get it now.”

complex game

“More than cheating, it’s kind of a reality. All the champion teams in their country are sovereign, and they are strong and strong teams. And this team hasn’t won the league once or twice, they’ve won eleven. The truth is it’s unbelievable that they win so much and that really gives you what It is this team, it is a champion team even if it is from a league less than four or five major leagues in Europe. It is a contender in the last 25 home games it has lost only two matches.”

Beautiful story of Ludogorets

“Yes, finding this place and this city and that with those residents who want to make it grow says a lot about the success of the person who invested here. And he keeps it, because there are times when someone gets ‘bored’ over the years and says ‘that’s what we’ve come to’.” But here’s the opposite, they want to keep making Ludogorets grow more and that’s great.”

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Significance of today’s registration

“Rest assured, yes, Betis will always win even if today he gets a point or three, against Helsinki we will also go to win because we risk prestige and money… Betis will always win, in any field and match. But this is a sport and anything can happen, circumstances determine everything. But the sooner you do your homework the better. But you never know what will happen after you get a score. You can achieve a great result and the following is not good or vice versa. In football, what you should have is an idea, a structure, a philosophy Winning and commitment, which is what is established today at Betis, and the courage to go to every stadium with Manuel winning games, that’s what we have to keep.”

Ludogorets made it difficult in Villamarn

“Yeah, of course. They are a very dangerous team, they have a lot of Brazilians, they are fast, strong, fast and they have those transitions when they take the ball out which makes it difficult for anyone. We have already seen that they are not afraid of the outcome or the scenarios and at home they will be more dangerous Even from Benito Villamarn.”

Five out of fifteen in Betis and a positive overall score

“We all see, we look at the stats and we see stages. We have to see how we are at the end of the season. It’s clear that a good start is better and not having to go to every field later with the need to shorten. Final, see where we are, what we have achieved, how The club develops and then the final exams come.”

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There will be hundreds of Baltic states in Bulgaria

“It’s one of the great things about this club. The history of this club, the passion that it arouses, the charisma that he has, the hearts of all Pecos tell their club and what they want and this is another example of Betis being the club of tradition, the nobility, going through different stages and categories, through thick and thin. This has no words, my poetry stands on its end when you talk about Betis fans, not just now, forever. He’s always there and we work so that he has as much joy as possible and that all families go with a smile.”

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