Betis: Alex Moreno: “It’s the perfect moment for Betis to play for United”

Alex Moreno left Betis in the winter market to the Premier. he Astonville was doomed. He established himself very quickly in the premiership, under the direction of Unai Emerywho insisted on signing the left-back from Verdeblanco. Now his former team, from which he did not lose any match, He travels to Manchester for a historic match against United. And lex has no intention of losing it. “I’m looking forward to being able to go and watch the game,” said the player. “I’m talking to the Betis representative to be able to go. I want to say hi to them.” Radio Brand Seville. And these are the ones Old Trafford They arrive after a 7-0 against Liverpool. very painful. Alex Moreno replied, “Anything can happen in the Premier League. The bottom team can beat the first.”

Yes, I tell you it is the perfect moment for Betis to play for United. I saw Betis very well against Real Madrid, solid in defense and with access. I think they are at a good level of competitiveness against United. When an opponent scores 7 points, you want to play a good game in the next home game. It will be a beautiful game, difficult to play, with a return to Villamarin to see what happensHe clarified regarding the fate of this confrontation from the round of 16 in the European League.

Change from Seville to Birmingham

“Very good. An important change, because this is a lot different from Sevilla, in my path and my career. I’m happy for that and this new path. My feeling was that I would stay in Seville for life. But the trains come convince you. You have to make decisions about your career and your future. Decisions are made in the end I’m happy here, very stable. I’m happy in Birmingham. I’m playing and I’m doing well.”

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City and locker room

“The little I’ve been able to learn the truth is very good. Football and life are lived differently. Different from Sevilla, what I’ll tell you. I like it a lot. You live more at home because of the climate. It’s been very well received by my teammates, with Aimee Buendia, Depo, Diego Carlos, Coutinho… The truth is, I’m very glad that it helps you get into the team better.

Do you watch Betis matches?

“I haven’t missed a match since I left Betis. Sometimes I fight with my partner because I want to see him. I put on Spanish channels and I set an alarm to see him. It was a great match against him. real madrid. Both can win. Look, they’ve had worse results in the short term, but Betis are in a good position to fight for a place in the Champions League. It’s a team that’s having a great year.”

faq and canals

The fakir theme has been a big stick for everyone, as well as for me. I sent him a message to get it together. I hope he recovers soon. With Canales, who had a problem, I keep talking. I have a lot of contact. I will always wish them the best.”

prime minister

“The way we live football is what surprised me the most. Everything is celebrated. Corners, kicks in, the league too. I think it’s the best league in the world. And it will remain so for everything you achieve. It’s number one, the facilities are great, everything looks Tough for me, this club has great conditions, very professional, to do important things. There is a brutal change from the Premier League to the Premier League“.

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Unai Emery

“He has something if he wins a lot. I was very surprised by the way he analyzes the matches and what he demands of the player and the team. Work a lot with each player and situation. It gives a lot of information to serve you in the field. It puts a lot of videos but I need it now. Maybe in three years I will be tired, but now I need them.

The arrival of Luis de la Fuente

My big dream is to go to the national team and work for it. For me it will be an exciting opportunity. The main thing is to play for Aston Villa, and the second is to go with Spain.

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