Betis: A prestigious victory … and the Round of 16 is within reach

hFour years ago, with goals from Snapper s Lou CelsoThe Pettisgerm current winning team Pellegrini It was taken out at that time Kiki Sittinassaults San Siro investigation in front of Milan The victory of international prestige. last night in olympic rome And with 4,000 Baltic fans in the stands, Verdiblancos repeated history, leaving behind a historic victory against a contender for the throne and on stage.

True to his style and overcome adversity in the form of injury or VARThe Pettis Little by little he was asserting himself in the match, leaving his mark and proving to be much better than a Rome It’s built on a checkbook basis, but it lacks a lot of football. This time they were Guido Rodriguez s Luis Henrique The scorers, although the fact is that the whole team played at a high level, and presented their candidacy in the tournament that makes them especially excited Heliopolis After the elimination against the champion last year with a rebound goal.


Group C classification after the third day

Go to the playoffs on the right track

With his victory in Italy, he was Pettis It leaves him qualifying well for the knockout rounds on the right track, topping group C With nine points, five points more than Ludogorets and six more than Rome, which is still in limited mode. And to be exactly before these Mourinho next week in Benito Villamarnewhen they have the opportunity to mathematically validate the pass (a draw would suffice) and take a giant step, which could be decisive, towards first place, which would take them straight to the Round of 16, thus avoiding a February playoff before any of the third parties fall from Champions In the calendar too busy yet World Cup Qatar.

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The focus of last night’s match will likely be, as well as the massive exodus of fans to Roma Luis Henrique, author of the winning goal with a header that can predict the best of the nines. But a large part of the responsibility for this prestigious victory was also Claudio Bravo, with two exceptional interventions. The Chilean goalkeeper said in Movistar Champions League after the match. He added, “We are eager and want to do things well, which is what they always do for us. Winning with our fans and seeing that they never stopped cheering fills us with satisfaction.”

Europa League (J3): Roma 1-2 Betis summary and goals

like argentina Guido Rodriguezimmeasurable in its essence and shows that the market was seriously wrong with it last summer with very low bids and that Pettis You did well to resist the temptation to sell. The Albiceleste international team signed an exceptional match, becoming together channels In absolute dominance of the game, he sealed his gallery with a great goal to set the tables before the break. “These matches are defined by the details. Step by step we have to make this club bigger. Being first is important to win the rounds,” he said, expressing his ambition.

Team Pellegrini He is now preparing to change the slide and face his visit next Sunday to Jose Zorrilla To face Valladolid in leaguewhere it also occupies a privileged position, in an area Champions, with 15 points out of a possible 21. It’s time to take the seriousness, reliability, commitment and high performance you showed last night in the US to the local competition Olympic. But until then, it’s time to enjoy the victory that is now part of the club’s history Europe.

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