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WhatsApp was the first to appear: it has become the standard option for sending messages between mobile phones and those without an installer do it more because it is a conscious exclusion of an oversight. However, being the most used and ubiquitous also pays its toll: saturation and increased messaging can spoil one’s experience or, at worst, cause them to look down on their cell phones every time a notification arrives. However, outside of WhatsApp there are a huge number of options, and in fact, this messaging application is not successful in all markets (in the US, for example, its use is almost a testament to it).

Why would it be interesting to look for an alternative channel for WhatsApp? The saturation of this medium means that communication with some people is sometimes difficult, and between friends or family, using a specialized application can be very positive because the user will know that all notifications that come through this channel will be valuable. It is also useful when emergencies happen and WhatsApp goes down. Now, which one would you choose?


It’s a great alternative, given its popularity, to WhatsApp in Spain, and is probably the most welcome option for those who are disappointed with the dominant platform. To its advantage, it has the possibility to be used simultaneously on many computers because it is a cloud-based service; It also allows the use of secret chats, where the conversations can self-destruct and inform the sender if screenshots are taken.

Facebook Messenger is the most used messaging app in the world, closely followed by WhatsApp

Another point in favor of Telegram is that we can create nicknames, so that we can share our account with a name that is easy to remember. This app also has end-to-end encryption which is very similar to WhatsApp in most of its functions, but against it is the fact that it still does not allow video calls, and for the most part, this service does not. Owning a real business model: When asked publicly about the matter, Pavel Durov, its founder, the answer was “no,” which may raise the suspicion of those who believe that all the costs of the millionaire platform are altruistically maintained.

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Messenger (Facebook)

Not everyone knows it, but Facebook Messenger is the most used messaging app in the world, closely followed by WhatsApp, which is also owned by it. Another myth surrounding this app is that it is necessary to have a Facebook profile: to sign up for Messenger, all you have to do is get a mobile phone number. This application offers some functions that make it stand out from the rest, such as the ability to make conference and video calls or install games and bots (the latter is also available on Telegram), with the content that interests us the most.

Messenger is also cross-platform and can be installed simultaneously on multiple devices. In terms of security, this app has end-to-end encryption, but it must be activated in the mobile app options (Activate Secret Chats).


It is the great reference in terms of privacy. In this messaging app, there is absolutely no trace of anything happening between the interlocutors. The encryption is end-to-end (in fact, its encryption is what WhatsApp uses) and encrypted audio and video calls can also be made. If its great virtue is extreme privacy, its main drawback is the extreme simplicity of its design, although this may be perceived positively by many users. The app is also cross-platform, so it can also be installed on your PC. In short, Signal is an app very similar to WhatsApp, but its main argument is the ultimate privacy of its conversations.


A Swiss company has set out to create a secure, multi-platform alternative that has a good knack for features to make communications more entertaining. Wire is a purely European project and this is precisely one of its sales arguments: its servers are located in Switzerland and therefore outside the direct intervention of the authorities of both the European Union and the United States.

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Its encryption system is inspired by Signal, and the platform, in addition to messaging, allows for high-quality, encrypted calls and video calls. When it comes to messaging, Wire allows you to draw directly on the conversation, add attachments, and the rest of the functionality we already know about on other platforms. Its use is free for individuals, but the business model is focused on the corporate world, where they want to become an alternative to services like Slack.

short message

Traditional Short Message Service (SMS) messages remain a viable alternative. Its great advantage is that you do not have to download any application or make preparations. The service is installed on the mobile phones we use.

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