Best alternative to Netflix: It has more than 200 channels and it’s free

It teased joint accounts farewells and new Netflix pricing curiousity From users to find platforms alternatives To continue watching movies and series. One of the options that more and more people are choosing is fast (Ad-supported Free TV), free “streaming” services offered by TV channels.

There is no doubt that the platform of this type has been growing lately xumoan app that works in both Spain As is the case in other countries Which offers a total of more than 200 channels Of all races And For audiences of all ages.

Free with ads

Xumo is a content platform audiovisual which originates from 2011. Since then, the “app” has maintained a business model based on show-to-file channels free to replace Advertisingthat is, with ads.

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At the moment, the portal operates in Spain, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil and MexicoAlthough this catalog is expected to expand in the coming months. The app is compatible with almost any app deviceAnd some like LG channels or smart TVs Panasonic include it in their services compact.

It is worth noting that in November last year, the American media conglomerate Comcast Acquired streaming services from Xumo, headquartered in California And the parent company of the well-known social network myspace.

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