Bertin Osbourne’s sudden physical change when he reappeared at the award ceremony

The weight loss showcasing of Bertin Osbourne caught him again at the Foreign Correspondents’ Association Awards Gala, where he received a very special award for his face as presenter of “Mi casa es la tuya” on Telecinco.

“I lost ten kilos,” he tells us with a smile, explaining that the secret to his new figure is nothing but “working hard, living a healthy life, doing lots of sport, and taking vitamins.” “You see me dressed, I earn a lot without clothes,” the artist joked, as close as possible.

A very special night in which Bertín did not hesitate to “hesitate” the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, with whom he is a good friend, upon receiving his award: “I seriously considered not attending because I am against awards, I am somewhat ashamed of others because I do not I consider myself deserving of any award. But when they told me the Mayor was coming, and apart from being a friend, his only blemish was that he was from Atleti but they had already told me he came home crying, I said to myself, yes I’ll go” he indicated between laughs.

“This award is outrageous. I appreciate it with all my heart but I feel overrated. It sounds Chinese to me because I’m not a journalist,” he admitted, wondering if it was the key to the success of “My House Is Yours”. , and the reason it works so well is, precisely, “I’m not a journalist, so guests tell me more things than a journalist.” “That and the wine I give them, usually when I go into the kitchen I put three glasses of wine in them and you don’t know how to degrade,” he reveals with a smile.

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A program already immersed in the recording of the new season, which it combines with “Show de Bertín” on Canal Sur and Telemadrid, the concerts of its “40 años con pocos” tour and “a lot of things from another kind of work that has nothing to do with this profession”. “You’ll have a study on two beers every week and the truth is I’m a little tired,” he admits.

With so much work, is there room for love? As the presenter admits, “I have neither time nor desire, with … nothing.” “I’m enjoying my career a lot, I’m having a great time and I don’t have anything in my head and I don’t plan to have it in a very long season, if something happens,” he says.

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