Bertie’s success

Volkswagen’s decision to go ahead with its giant plant in Sagunto is excellent news that, by the way, saves Perte from the car, first in box racing and most importantly. It is excellent for everyone, for the country in general, for the Valencian community in particular and for the industrial sector that revolves around the factories that assemble cars. Everyone will be favored with the risk of the 10,000 million that will be distributed, in the form of investments, by the three Spanish factories of the German brand. This does not mean that the confusion increases with the progress of time and we entered into this chaos. money. What happened in those two short weeks, between the first moratorium that the company flatly rejected, and the second that met with public enthusiasm? Of course the money doubled and another 200 million appeared from the regional coffers, but why? Why does the project now deserve what was previously rejected? Are there new commitments from VW, have the requirements been relaxed or is it simply not possible to start Bertie’s saga with a failure of such dimensions? I don’t know, but transparency is not the best virtue in the process. And it would be good if it were, because there are also those in Brussels who worry about the lack of oversight – not only at the national level, but also on the part of the Commission itself – with which projects are approved and funds are allocated. Another note. If the ten thousand million that the German company will invest in Spain is the colossal mana – it is – then how do we rank the 47000 that Iberdrola will invest in the coming years? It is absolutely true that not all of them will be achieved in Spain, as it is true that the electric company has complained bitterly on numerous occasions about the legal uncertainty that the Spanish regulations governing the sector and the financial transaction that govern it. . It is unfortunate that government often forgets how legitimate it is to make its decisions on the basis of its political expediency, as it is for companies that base their decisions, based on their technical criteria. Incidentally, Pedro Sánchez is sure that Iberdrola president Ignacio Galán deserves the “soothing” memories he sends him from La Moncloa when he asserts that if he and Banco de Santander president protest “it means we are going in the good address”. Who are we going and where are we going?

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