Berlusconi improves and leaves intensive care

Silvio Berlusconi, 86, is improving and has been moved to the regular recovery room, after being released from the intensive care unit. The former prime minister spent twelve days in the intensive care unit of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, receiving treatment for a lung infection arose as a result of blood cancer Chronic myeloid cell disease which he has suffered for over a year.

A new medical report on his health condition was published today, the fourth in thirteen days since his admission to hospital on April 5. “At the moment, the clinical condition and response to the treatments have allowed President Silvio Berlusconi to be transferred to a normal recovery room. Treatment continues and functional parameters are monitored, ”says the medical report, which was signed by Alberto Zangrillo, his personal physician, and Fabio Ceseri, a leukemia expert.

“President Berlusconi reacts and confirms himself as a person of great determination who looks to the future with great confidence,” said the Minister of Public Administration. Paolo Zangrillobrother of Cavaliere’s personal physician.

always accompanied

While in the hospital his deputy partner Martha charms, 33 years. She had never been seen leaving the building in these thirteen days. It was she who managed, with the consent of the family, in particular the eldest daughter of Marina Cavalier, the visits and letters received by the leader of Forza Italia. Usually, Marta accompanies her father, Orazio Faschina, who has retired since 2019. In a short time, Orazio Faschina has established a good friendship with Berlusconi, so much so that the leader of Forza Italia affectionately calls him “dad”.

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Leave the intensive care unit De Berluscono was met with relief in his party and coalition partners. The League’s Secretary and Infrastructure Minister, Matteo Salvini, wrote this message on Twitter: “Good luck, Silvio, my friend!”. The messages in his Forza Italia party were enthusiastic, most of them expressing this hope: “Mr. President, we are waiting for you at the party congress on May 5th in Milan.”

Forza Italia sources believe that Il Cavaliere is definitely You are unable to attend the conference, but you will probably send a video. His followers point out that Berlusconi was already thinking about his speech after the countless “resurrections”. Knowing his joking nature, his letter could begin with a joke directed at his political opponents, more or less in these terms: «You thought you had freed yourself from me, didn’t you? Instead, I am here and will continue to keep you company.

In any case, they are convinced in his party that after twelve days spent in the intensive care unit, with fear for his life given the seriousness of his illness, nothing will be the same in Cavalier’s political life. You will notice the changes in Forza Italia and in the Right Coalition.

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