Berlusconi complicates the formation of Meloni’s government by admitting that he “resumed” the relationship with Putin

“On one thing I have been on, I will always be clear. I intend to lead a government with a clear and unambiguous line in foreign policy.” Georgia Meloni. The future Prime Minister has published a harsh note in response to the positions demonstrated by her ally in the coalition, the leader of Hezbollah, in the past two days.And Forza ItalyAnd the Silvio Berlusconiwho stated, in a meeting with his deputies, that he “restored relations with him.” Russian President Vladimir Putin‘, while blaming the war on the President of the Republic Ukraine Zelensky. Replica of Georgia Meloni She was very cruel, assuring that she would demand Atlantic loyalty from all her ministers: «Italia It is in full rights, with its head held high, part of Europe and the Atlantic Alliance. Whoever does not agree with this pillar will not be able to form part of the executive branch, even if it is at the cost of not doing so. Italy, with us in government, will not be the weakest link in the West. It will re-launch your credibility and thus defend your interests. In this – includes a report Georgia watermelonI – I will ask for clarification from all ministers in a potential government. The first rule of political government that has a strong mandate from the Italians is to respect the program the Italians voted for.

Berlusconi obstacle

When the government of Georgia Meloni is about to be born, her ally in the alliance, the leader of Forza Italia, stands a dangerous obstacle in her way, Silvio Berlusconi. The former prime minister again made statements about the war in Ukraine, taking the two posts of Russian President Putin and condemning President Zelensky. Thus, it creates a political issue that scandalizes Italy and Europe. In a meeting with his deputies in the Chamber of Deputies, ‘Il Cavaliere’ asserted that “it was President Zelensky who sent the 2014 accords to hell and tripled the attacks in Donbass”, forcing the tenant to Kremlin By intervening to defend the peoples of the two republics, despite their attempt, according to Berlusconi, to avoid the “special operation in Ukraine” until the last minute. In short, the former prime minister stressed that “the war is the fault of the Ukrainian resistance. I do not say what I think of Zelensky. The West and the United States do not have real leaders. The only one is me.”

Italian media published this new audio clip of the former prime minister, which was highly praised by MPs, on Wednesday afternoon. The first part of Berlusconi’s speech with his deputies was published the day before. In the Silvio Berlusconi He recounted, gleefully, that his friend Putin sent him, on his 86th birthday (which he celebrates on September 29), “20 bottles of vodka and a very sweet letter,” which Il Cavaliere matches “with bottles of Lambrusco [vino espumoso] And with an equally nice letter. “He considered me the first of his five true friends,” Berlusconi said. In addition, in his interview with his deputies, which one of them recorded and transmitted to the press, Berlusconi described Kremlin tenant as a man of peace: “I met him as a peaceful and affectionate person. Russian ministers have already stated on several occasions that we are at war with them, because we supply Ukraine with arms and finance. Personally, I can’t give my opinion because if you tell the press, it’s a disaster, but I’m very, very concerned. I have restored relations with President Putin.”

Berlusconi’s words caused a political earthquake. The leader of Forza Italia positions himself far from the future Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, who has repeatedly shown her Atlantic streak, supporting Kyiv and arms shipments to Ukraine, as well as defending sanctions against Putin.

Very harsh reactions against Berlusconi

Several leaders of the center-left strongly attacked Berlusconi’s statements as very dangerous. Some suggest that the future Secretary of State in the Meloni government cannot be a representative of Forza Italia. So far, he was the favorite Antonio TajaniForza Italia Coordinator, Former President of European Parliament. The President of the 5-Star Movement said, “It is unacceptable to assign the Minister of Foreign Affairs to Forza Italia, we will bring it up with President Mattarella,” Giuseppe Conte. The leader of the Democratic Party was also very cruel, Enrico Letta: Berlusconi’s statements are very serious and do not correspond to the position of Italy and Europe. These are words that put our country outside European and Western options, undermining the credibility of a potential new executive.

Thursday morning, the head of state’s consultations will begin. Sergio Mattarella, in the Quirinal Palace, with the heads of chambers and political parties to form the government. At the conclusion of consultations on Friday, Giorgia Meloni may receive a Mattarella commission on the same day or Saturday to form a government.

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