Benidorm Festival | These are the 18 songs from Benidorm Fest that aspire to go to Eurovision

The third place achieved by Chanel last year with ‘justmoHe has injected even more excitement into this second Benidorm festival, whose pre-final matches will be played on Tuesday and Thursday, with the final scheduled for Saturday 4 February. In 2022, 14 songs were selected, and this year there are 18. We review it.

1. “I Want to Burn,” Aguni


This guy from Tenerife, who was a pre-Eurovision finalist in 2017, unearths his voice with this eerie electronic base number: Wagner’s Nightingale and Punisher of the Dry Act. “burn!” , orders in a military tone, with a “dominatrix” attitude. She is the second favorite in the bookmakers.

2. “Since You Are Here,” Alfred Garcia


A well-wound ‘in crescendo’ song, although it is not surprising, that this young veteran from Elprat signs with Raul Gómez (co-author of my song, the piece he shared with Amaia at Eurovision in 2018). Playing ambiguously, he warns that the song is a “tribute” without specifying now to what.

3. “I Wish,” Alice Wonder


The voice that moved Queen Letizia (in pandemic mourning) displays a meandering charisma in this simple piece, of tormented emotion and subversive subsoil. A bold bet by Alice Clement Madrid, so far removed from the canons of Eurovision, who knows what could happen.

4. “Flamenco,” Aritz Arena


Forget the title: This Valencia singer-dancer’s work exudes a generic and loose Latin, barely made up of a touch of guitar and castanets. A bilingual walking cliché with poetry as erogenous as it is embarrassing: “I don’t want the night to end / If with you I feel so high.”

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5. “Eaea,” white dove


Repeat, the woman from Elche here preserves the remnants of this “water secret” from yesteryear, adding more flamenco, with clapping and groaning, in dialogue with the floating electronic sounds. An attempt at a futuristic Gondo with a certain increase in intensity.

6. “Ah!” , E’Femme


The onomatopoeic rhetoric of this “girl band” is infatuated with K-pop, with its inclusion of long raps and its display of “Spanglish” obscenities: “As strong as a tsunami / Go away I’m coming”.

7. The famous “La Lola”.


The famous Oberogo is a veteran whose ‘OT’ (2018) victory did not lead to the establishment of his career. Get ready to hit back with this anticipated pop number with urban Latin flavors, production hooks, a stark melody and a message in favor of “woman power.” Watch out for this Lola, who “controls everything you step on.”

8. “My Family,” Fossa Noctua


‘Efecto Rosalía’ (2018 version, from ‘El mal querer’) in this attempt to sell an ultra-modern flamenco, with cante rapturous and ‘autotune’ (overturned at Eurovision), between applause, fanfare and urban surgery. Miriam Nares Valencia cries out for Southern values, in defense of the institution of the family. Tops the betting rankings.

9. “Winter on Mars,” Jose Otero


A kind of tormented “power ballad,” as this experienced canary in “La Voz México” evokes heartbreak and the feeling of pumpkins, we don’t know how, that he’s “floating in another dimension.” Flashy and overdone, though her voice is one One of her best vocals is in this fifth stage.

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10. “I want and grieve” Carmento


Here, the effect is that of Rosaline and the new sounds of folk song. Carmento’s vocalist, Carmen Toledo, is also a minimalist and delivers a beautifully sung ballad, aided by warm guitar, claps and percussion. A letter conveys from the cares of the soul, capped with a slightly coarse “loroló”.

11. “Arcadia,” Megara


Supporting this attempt is the mythical figure of Megara (Heracles’ first wife) to bring a piece of metal based on industrial electronics to Eurovision. It’s not about to conquer Poland à la Rammstein, the self-proclaimed “Rock of Fuchsia,” but it delivers strength and urgency: Arcadia, the Mecca we covet amidst the “rain of daggers”.

12. “They Won’t Move Us” Miller


A desperate plea to freeze the moment so that it “lasts forever.” The brave boys, Jonathan, Javier and Lorenzo melt their voices into unassuming pop music without a false backdrop. & rdquo;.

13 “Traction”, Ricky Ripper


Granada-born Raquel García-Capririzo, Raki Ripper, doesn’t quite get the hang of refusing to answer in this massive, over-the-top assault in which she gives it all to release the built-up sexual tension: “Don’t tell me no/Don’t you feel the pull? The most musically groundbreaking bet, Although Eurovisual-compliant.

14. “Air” Sharon


The ‘senior’ of the pack turned out to be this 46-year-old from Sabadell, Drag Race Spain winner Cristóbal Garrido, who was already aspiring to Eurovision in 2001 as a member of the Trans-X group. Now he’s trying it out against the backdrop of an over-the-top bob cut and calls for inner-strengthening: “Nobody’s going to stop you/Just let your kid out… sure?

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15. “Que esclati tot” Cederland


Thirteen years after withdrawing from Andorra, this Barcelona trio attempts to reintroduce Catalanism at Eurovision and has a drinkable pop exponent of a tribal choir and double bass to stave off unrequited love. “I’m tired / Why is it raining / If you don’t respect me? & rdquor;.” Its musical director is Daniel Anglis (“Eufòria”, TV3).

16. “Tookie,” Sophia Martin


That the Castilian language is ‘Latin American’ in an accelerating way is again indicated by the subject of this native of Alicante, whose title (originally a word from Venezuela) indicates, apparently, the fulfillment of what one intends to do. “Tuki, bien cuqui & rdquo;,” she sings with a very Chanel touch on a sensual tropical rug.

17. Melody’s “Sayonara” twin


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Japanese, English, French and Basque intersect here with Spanish with the intention of saying goodbye to “everything bad”, in general, that life can throw us. A linear piece, very memorable and, yes, elaborate choreography, by the Gibuzkon twins, ‘Videt’ from TikTok, Aitana and Paula Etxperia.

18. “Nightlife,” Vico


Disco-pop slides here explained the basics by the Catalan, from Tiana, Victoria Ripa. Hedonism to dance under the mirror ball, Kylie Minogue deserves. Even though it’s seventh in the stakes, it might surprise you: It’s the song with the most views, and over a million streams, on Spotify.

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