Ben Affleck confirms Snoop Dogg’s blunder in 2022 Golden Globe nominations

Ben Affleck confirms Snoop Dogg's blunder in 2022 Golden Globe nominations

Ben Affleck Responds To Snoop Dogg’s Mistake When Spelling His Name At 2022 Golden Globe Nominations Reading

Ben Affleck Finally Comments On Musician Snoop Dogg’s Mistake In Pronouncing The Actor’s Name In Nominations For The 2022 Golden Globe Awards.

American rapper Snoop Dogg recently stole the public’s attention. The reason is, Snoop is known to have made a mistake in mentioning the name of actor Ben Affleck.

This happened when Snoop announced a series of nominations for the 2022 Golden Globe awards, which were scheduled to culminate on January 9, 2022. At that time Ben received a nomination but the way his name was pronounced by Snoop actually caused laughter.

The reason, the 50-year-old musician was heard pronouncing Ben’s name with the spelling ‘Been Effleck’. It wasn’t long before Snoop came to his senses and repeated the correct pronunciation of Ben Affleck’s name.

Snoop laughed and immediately apologized to Ben. “Sorry, Ben Affleck. Sorry for that Ben!” chirps Snoop.

Regarding the error, Ben gave his response when he was a guest on Kelly Clarkson’s program, “The Kelly Clarkson Show”. In the interview, Ben admitted that he was not at all bothered by Snoop’s mistakes.

Not offended, Jennifer Lopez’s lover even laughed at Snoop who said his name wrong. He even called the spelling Snoop mentioned like a duck commercial for him. However, he said what Snoop said sounded very funny.

That’s good, yes. He does get a bit of emphasis, doesn’t he. It’s funny because I was always growing up and I was like, ‘Affleck?’ Very bad name,” said Ben. “Now it sounds like a duck commercial. ‘Aflac! Yeah, I know, isn’t that funny? Ha ha.”

Ben also understands Snoop’s mistakes because since childhood his name has often caused misunderstandings. Even the summoning error did not only happen to him, even his extended family who used the Affleck surname.

“When I was a kid, my parents, I always remember them, like there’s a day when people call you to subscribe to a magazine or something and they’ll say, “A, F as in frank, F as in frank” and I’m always like, ‘Why do they always do that?’ said Ben.

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