Before the film is released, there will be teasers and trailers showing

what’s the difference between the two?

What’s your favorite movie, friends? Is it an animated film, a superhero film, or a lore film?

Before a film is released or before friends watch it at the cinema, what is often done is to watch or look for movie trailers, which are also known as trailers.

But in addition to the trailer, it turns out that before the film is released, the production house that produces the film will also show a teaser from the film.

If you watch at a glance, this trailer and teaser look the same, friends, because it shows a short snippet from a film.

Although it looks the same, there are actually differences from the trailer and teaser of a film, lo.

Come on, find out what distinguishes a trailer and teaser from a film before its release!

What are Trailers and Teasers?

Before a film is released, the production house will display a trailer for the film, usually a few months before the film’s release date, or even shorter.

But besides the trailer, there is also a teaser released by the production house.

Both have different terms and meanings, but actually the purpose of this movie trailer and teaser is the same, friends.

So, what exactly are trailers and teasers, huh?

In short, trailers and teasers can be said to be brief snippets of a film, which give the audience an idea of ​​the film that will be shown.

In addition, trailers and teasers can also be a way for a production house to promote a film before it is shown in theaters.

Movie Trailers and Teasers Have Some Differences

Although teasers and trailers serve the same purpose in a film, there are actually some big differences between the two, folks.

The first difference is the function of the trailer and teaser.

A teaser is a video or short clip of a film that will be showing. In the teaser, it contains a detailed piece of a film.

The term teaser itself comes from the English word, namely tease or tease, so the purpose of the teaser is to tempt the audience with a brief snippet of the upcoming film.

In a teaser, it can contain snippets of dialogue, images, or action from scenes in the film.

While the trailer contains more information than the teaser. Trailers can contain film information, in the form of actors, film storylines, to the views that can be obtained from the film.

The second difference from trailers and teasers is regarding the duration or length of the video, friends.

Because it only contains a short snippet of a film, the teaser duration is shorter than the trailer, which is about 13 seconds to one minute.

However, the trailer has a longer duration, which is one minute to 2 minutes 30 seconds, because there is more information displayed about the film.

The trailer and teaser show times are also different, lo. The trailer will be shown complete with the release date of the film, so usually the trailer will be shown by the production group about a few months, or a few weeks before the film’s release.

While the teaser will be aired long before the film’s release time, even years before, and does not show the film’s release date. It aims to provide curiosity to the audience.

So that the audience will be more curious and wait for the screening of the film.

Another difference between the two is the video flow. In the teaser, the plot shown is not sequential like the film, so it will confuse the audience.

However, it is different from the trailer, which shows the parts of the film in sequence, starting from the beginning, middle, to the end of the film.

So with the trailer, it gives a clearer picture of the film to the audience.

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