“Before, terrorism seized everyone, but now Putin only succeeds in stoking more hatred for Russia.”

Russia hit power plants in Ukraine for a second day with missiles, leaving large parts of the west and center of the country without electricity. The authorities sent warning messages to residents asking them not to stay away from shelters due to the dangers of attacks on civilian areas and in areas such as Dnipro in the center of the country, and ordered “to put in place a total electricity supply. So that hospitals, transportation and other important social infrastructures can function,” said Governor Valentin Reznichenko. Related news Standard NATO will not conduct nuclear deterrence exercises next week Agencies The Secretary-General also announced that defense and deterrence systems will be strengthened and the alliance’s infrastructures will be protected, and Moscow is using energy as a weapon of war against a country that on Monday launched 83 long-range missiles. This large-scale operation demonstrated the Russian power to strike any city. Among them is Dnipro, which since the beginning of the conflict has been one of the places considered safe despite its proximity to the southern and eastern fronts. Displaced people from conflict zones have arrived here since February, and on Gagarin Avenue there is the cafeteria “Little Mariupol”, which serves as a social center for Ukrainians who fled that coastal city that experienced one of the most difficult battles of the war. The change of leadership Kirill is in charge of this place as the paintings on the walls remind us of “the house now occupied by the Russians and which we shall soon liberate”. According to the Ukrainian authorities, tens of thousands of people were killed in Mariupol and large parts of the city were razed to the ground. After the rockets fell on Monday, Kirill warned that “Putin is able to repeat a sentence like that of Maripol in another city in the country, the change of leadership in the military is key to understanding that they are committed to escalation.” This change relates to the appointment of Sergei Sorovikin, a veteran of Syria, as the new supreme commander of the Kremlin forces in Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities send warning letters to residents to stay near shelters in “Little Mariupol” Alisa, a military psychiatrist who arrived from Kramatorsk in Donetsk province, has been working daily since June. He treats an average of five patients a day and notes “a huge difference in people, before terrorism took over everyone after an operation like revenge on Monday, but the only thing Putin is achieving now is to stir up more and more hatred for Russia.” There is no longer any fear of aggression, there is more hatred and unity than ever before in the face of the invader.” One of his biggest concerns is the mental state of the children, “because they are our future.” Alissa talks to the parents and asks the children under six to try to distract them however they can, but from this age “they tell them the truth, they should know that we are at war and that there is an enemy called Russia who is bombing us and destroying their homes, schools and toys.” Alyssa, military psychologist She works in the cafeteria in Dnipro MA. Civilians are trapped What happened in Mariupol is impossible to erase from the minds of the Ukrainians, who at that moment clearly realized what the enemy could achieve in order to achieve victory. The Russians occupy the city, and because of the increased tension on the Southern Front in the weeks The last, the only passage for the exit of civilians was cut off. On the streets of Dnipro, municipal workers paved the road, which suffered the impact of a missile, and it seems that there is a normal situation. On the main streets, posters from the first months of the war, when the airspace was required to be closed. This It never happened and what they are now asking from Kyiv is the arrival of more anti-aircraft defense systems, because they are afraid that Russia will resort more and more to operations of long-range missiles and aviation.

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