Be careful if you receive this message from SEPE: it could be a serious scam

Cybercrime is becoming increasingly frequent in a world full of new technologies, where our banking and personal data is just one click away. Although the Internet has made life easier for us in many ways and allowed us to be able to carry out many operations, the truth is that it has also caused online scams to increase more frequently. Different types of scams are becoming increasingly unique and innovative, and seek to make more citizens fall into the networks of these criminals. Thus, some of the most popular different messaging systems are used with the aim of impersonating corporate entities and proceeding with theft of personal data. SEPE’s notice about the message they can be scammed The latest of these scams was condemned by the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), which warned in a letter of a new case of impersonation carried out in its name. In this type of scam, known as ‘phishing’, criminals take advantage of the name of certain organizations to steal users’ personal and banking details. As announced by SEPE, the entity “was detected sending messages that impersonate themselves with the intent of deceiving the user, stealing private information, or even infecting the device being used.” The strategy used by these criminals is to request personal or bank details through SMS, mail or WhatsApp, pretending that they are. The Employment Agency, under the Department of Labor, has recommended that citizens remain alert to these potential “phishing” scams. In addition, he noted that SEPE never requests any kind of personal or banking data through these communication channels. They also recommended to citizens who receive these messages to ignore them and, specifically, not to access any kind of links or attachments, in order to avoid stealing personal data with some kind of malware. Recognizing these messages can be easy: many contain spelling and grammatical errors, as well as phrases associated with informal language.

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