Bb Trickz Debuts in Rolling Loud: From TikTok Catacombs to the World’s Largest Hip-Hop Festival

four months. That’s what it took B Tricks To go from being a complete stranger, without even a profile with her name on Spotify, to becoming one of the invited artists Loud rolling, considered by many to be the most important hip-hop festival in the world. Just go back to February to take the first steps in the music industry for this 23-year-old Catalan girl, whose cover letter came with a preview of her song Bambi in TikTok format. With lyrics that called for nothing but a serious listen, it didn’t take long for the clip to go viral and soon it moved into a more prolific environment as the hunter’s name spread like wildfire: Twitter.

The little bird’s social network, other than YouTube, was the one chosen by Bb Trickz to take the final step and make an official debut with a video killer, It was published on April 16 this year. “I’m the fiercest in Spain, I got to the disco and you crossed the line / Messing with me is a suicide mission” was his first studio cut to see the light of day, and managed to garner countless hits in a matter of hours (as dated today, the video has over 56 million views).

For many users, a a star have just been born. Others, on the other hand, refused to look favorably on what they described as a “version” of what Ice Spice He’s been doing it for about two years now in the US. Be that as it may, the translator from Barcelona was already on a wave of manhood from which she was not willing to get off.

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separate cylinders

Subsequent releases of Bb Trickz have been as consecutive as they have been few. First, I will betrayalHere’s a pre-EP video that he’ll end up being a part of: deceptive. This work, of only six songs, was released on Monday 24 April at noon, and showcases the improvisation typical of independent artists, exempt from the rigorous planning imposed by record companies. from here, Oh!And passionateAnd I’m sorry mom And you said that They were added to the previous two editions and thus contributed to continue feeding the career path that flowed at an amazing pace.

Since then, lonely your nightmarea single released in May, expanded the catalog of Bb Trickz, whose album consists of a total eight songs. This number, in turn, raised an inevitable question in many of Sayyad’s young followers: would this be enough to appear on stage at one of the most important, if not the most, festivals on the international hip scene?

Revelation or “industry factory”?

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Like any artist whose rise to stardom has been faster than usual, BB Tricks’ short career has generated some controversy and prompted skeptics who question the nature of this growth. That is, as their business credits reveal, the singer has a contract with Virgin Recordsrecord company acquired in 2012 by Universal Music Groupone of Majors that integrate The big three Distributors who dominate the music production market.

For this reason, many curious about the phenomenon of Bb Trickz coincide in indicating through social networks that the young woman could in fact be industry factory, a term for those artists who present themselves as independent, but who actually receive funding and advice from multinational corporations to create stories about their history. Thus, those who defend this hypothesis maintain that the uprooting of trapera will be nothing more than a campaign that Universal has orchestrated from the start.

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