Barcelona – Osasuna | LaLiga: Xavi: “We appreciate our season regardless of Real Madrid’s victory”

Xavi Hernandez He reviewed his team’s position in the run-up to tomorrow’s match against Tuesday Osasuna in it Camp Nou. The match corresponds to the 33rd day of league. The coach confirmed that Navarrese’s side could reach somewhat out of position due to the final cup against him real madridWho does not know whether he sees, and has shown himself confident of renewal Lamina Yamal. He was also full of compliments city to Guardiola.

He says nothing and says everything … This is what Xavi answers when they ask him who will go in the final of Co


“We don’t know what line-up they’ll get. They’ll probably have the most important match in their history. They’re a tough opponent. They’re doing very well. We have to repeat the Betis game, get out of the chord. I don’t know what we’ll find Osasuna but we have to be the team that played.” against Bettis.”


“It’s a good time to do it. It’s going to be LaLiga. Winning and feeling good is important. We have to focus on ourselves and be more consistent. We have to have consistency.”

Caring for Lamin Yamal

“Managing the minutes, the environment… I think he’s a calm, intelligent person, he doesn’t lose balls, he relates well, he’s cheerful, he’s positive… I don’t think he has problems managing things. He has a well furnished head and the idea is to keep our dynamic going.” The idea is to be involved.”


“He brings back sensations, not just because of the goals. Because of how he relates, because of his dynamism… Sometimes you don’t feel right or with a lot of confidence. He has maturity. The last two games have been very good and the season has been great.”

Cup champion preference

“You, who do you fancy? You don’t answer me, well I don’t answer you either. You didn’t answer me. It was easy. Hahaha.”

Champion at Cornell

“The earlier the better. I’m really excited about him. We need him. The sooner the better, and if he’s at Cornell…we don’t have a choice. It has to be won, no matter where it is. We’re focused on what we control.” .


“If we were champions, we’ll see. But we were a team, a mass. Everyone prioritized mass over individuality. That’s why we won the Super Cup. We are a family. It’s the key to success to be a team.”


“We’ll decide when the season ends. He’s matured a lot. I’m very happy to loan him to Osasuna. He’s gone to a very good team to mature. He’s made a difference in a lot of games. I see him as great. The talent to succeed at Parra depends on his mentality. The conditions he has.”

Ancelotti’s praise

“We also congratulate Real Madrid last year. We professionals know that LaLiga was won by the best, the most solvent, the most persistent. KO competitions are more unfair. LaLiga gives you the feeling that you have done a good job that was not won. Thank you for your words”.

Kill yourself

“I don’t know what they’ll do, with the cup coming to an end. They’ll keep that in mind, it’s the most important game for them in their history. But they’ll also want to compete well here. It’s a game of a team that competes great and can cause us a lot of problems.”

Lamin Yamal renewal

“Everything is going well, he’s under control. He’s got his mind up here, and he doesn’t think of anything but success here.”

Cup champion

“Tomorrow I’ll go with Parra. I have an act on Saturday. I don’t know if I’ll see him. I hope the best man wins.”

final stretch

“It’s not over. LaLiga hasn’t been won. Osasuna, Espanyol, Real Sociedad… All games are important, even after winning La Liga.”


“It’s not a miracle, but being where we are has a lot of advantages. We took the Super Cup away from Real Madrid, and the way it was done has a lot of advantages. We’re in a building process, but we have to build by winning. And this league is important for the club. It will give us Stability. It’s not a miracle, but it has advantages. We signed well and the club made an economic effort.”


“I’m enjoying it. Now, from January to here, I’m enjoying it. Before, it was more suffering than enjoying it, but it’s part of the process. There’s no other choice but to work, insist and be stubborn with footballers about an idea.”

real madrid

“The fans, the fans, yes. From the inside, whatever Real Madrid does, we will appreciate it. It’s the same for us.”

League celebration

“Places we choose, better at home, but we want to be champions as soon as possible. You can’t choose.”

next session

“We are focused on this season. We have to improve and be more competitive in the cup, champions and Europa League… In KO matches we have to improve.”

Hattrick City

“City is the best team in the world for me. Football is a mirror for us. They have the best manager in the world… It would be fair if they won the treble.”


“He’s a special player, Farafa. I wish we had two or three Pedris, as if Robert or Dimple weren’t there.”

Ansu Fati

“He’s fine, calm down. The other day he was dynamic, eager, engaged… He had to do like everyone else, when he has minutes, show he can be competitive with the team.”


“It’s very important. He can play with Dimple. Good footballers are coping. He’s having a great season, I’ve already told him personally. I’m very happy with him.”

Ter Stegen

“In a team like Parra who are exposed to defense and the line is high, we put in an amazing performance in defence. It doesn’t surprise me that they didn’t succeed, because we are an attacking team and we take many risks. I would be happy if they got Zamora.”

on loan

“We’ll see what happens next year. Nothing has been decided, not even with Abde.”


“He’s one of the best signings in recent years. Unusual. How he clears balls, how he defends… He can be a midfielder who plays behind.”


“New generations have more self-confidence. I was more self-aware, more fearless. Young people today, no.”

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