Barcelona: If FC Barcelona is punished, who will occupy the European positions?

sFinally Severin Pay attention to the reports of the inspectors UEFA and penalties Barcelona It will be a penalty focused only on the Catalan club, so it will not be affected in principle. league. In this way, the square will be turned on Villarreal At the moment, it will be the team that occupies the Champions positions.

For his part, he is Real Betis You will move from the sixth to the fifth and Osasuna From the seventh to the sixth, these two are the teams that will play European League next season. yard conference leagueAt this time it will be him Sports ClubBecause if the punishment was confirmed, it would rise from rank eight to rank seven.

However, although today these will be the clubs that will qualify for European competitions, things may change on the last day of the League, because everything is very difficult. he Villarreal and the Real Betis He will be the only one who will have the sports rating in Champions Until now European Leaguerespectively. Osasuna, Athletic, Girona And Vallicano Ray They played it in the last match, in which these four teams have a difference of at least one point.

Possible outcomes

he Osasuna Faces Girona And if those who Jagoba Arasati The win will have the sports rating to European League. If the match ends in a tie, the rogelos They will also play European competition, but their place in the Europa League will depend on an outcome Athlete. If Girona finally wins the game, so will it mchel Classifieds. European League also conference leagueBased on the results of Ernesto Valverde.

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he Athlete Faces real madrid At the Santiago Bernabé, and with a victory, Valverde’s men will secure a place in the Europa League, as long as Osasuna I didn’t win. With a draw and defeat, the Basques could also claim a European spot, if those from Arrasate and their pursuers do not score.

As is Gironawho faces Osasunalike Vallicano Raywho he plays against MallorcaThey have to score points to get a place in Europe. Both teams have 49 points and must win to be able to beat Osasuna and Athletic, who have 50 points.

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