Barcelona Fashion Week | 080 Barcelona Fashion: Parades of the second day of the 30th edition

if it was The first day of the 080 . rallies she was Poem of color, enthusiasm and the joy of meeting againWednesday was brought forward as An invitation to travel to distant worlds of dreams; At least in its early stages, which started with a smaller front-row audience.


a “Hotel in Barbados”. With this evocative name, the company was founded about three years ago by Constan Hernandez, Who founded and headed Hoss Intropia until he left it and re-engaged with fashion coming, A new project appeared around the same time as the pandemic. A large part of this team was brought in, the Kan family Bilbao Osua Ichiguinthe creative director of the company, who, at the age of nearly 60, wasted incredible energy on her first face-to-face fashion show on the Catalan fashion catwalk (although she was present on the digital catwalks).

“What I want is for me to have fun, and for my 22-year-old daughter to get dressed,” she asserted at the end of the group presentation, which she graphically summarized: “Caribbean, spoiled Princess Margarita, on a night of endless partying by the poolside.” The perfect “props” as his new proposal is framed, a collection that follows the line of the three that came before: Eternity and Diversity. But here, in addition to playing day and night, explosive color, geometric prints – characteristic of the 1920s – and combinations of fabrics. Inspired by Colonial Central America, men’s linen jackets and pants, and skirts exaggerated with men’s mini jackets and shirts, are in subtle shades of peach, purple, pink and light green. And also a little bit of micro-metallic “brilli-brilli,” which “combines even with rocking slippers,” according to Usua.

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The next group continued its journey a few decades later, as in the 1950s, as puffy silhouettes, gowns, balloon coats, and, above all, Padded hoodsIt was a feast for heritage lovers Balenciagaabove all, but also Valentine’s Day.

It is the signature of the architects Miguel Marin and Natalia Lorcawho premiered at 080 Barcelona Fashion, make their dresses as if they were buildings, in architectural volumes from head to toe, also influenced by the works of Moneo and Jerry.

Their silhouettes of drama and wonderful experiences, which unite from More classic style to most macaras and sporty ‘look’They had quite a few “tiktokers” and “influencers”, such as Cris Mataor one of Spain’s most influential and recognized fashion experts, Clara Corel (More popular since his participation last summer on the Netflix reality show “First Class.”)


Signature Javier Semuraresponsible for closing the last release, has made a set, “Nomad”made up of total 27 look (Five to seven pieces each). However, more than four decades of experience did not prevent him from setting out from the most avant-garde ideas. “The central idea is overlays, layers, and clothing that we can carry with us throughout our lives,” explained Victoria Mitjans, the company’s designer. The first group, the only black shown, belonged to A “Capsule” – already in stores – called “Polaris”. This is the star that guides the Bedouins on their journey.

After that first “look”, the others followed in a file Basic palette of raw, beige, brown and green, but other colors have been added to it as well, such as orange, violet, and the very cool fuchsia color. Shearling, tunics, wool and Jacquard pattern repeated in several modelseven with margins.

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Then the marches continued:


Signature of the Basque designer created in Barcelona Eñaut BarruetabeñaGeneralitat, winner of the National Emerging Design Award, presented a streamlined presentation and a sustainable vision.

Texel Meras

The designer from Sabadell, an founder of the Catalan fashion platform, presented a collection focused on geometric lines.


Today closed from Alicante Domingo Rodriguez Lazaro (1994), known as Dominnico, and for creating the “look” for Rosalía’s “El Mal Querer” tour, as well as other gorgeous looks worn by Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Chanel or Lally Esposito. At her first runway show at Barcelona Fashion Week, she presented a “sporty” look in a collection honoring her roots and her parents, titled Nene Spring 2023. “Probably my most conceptual set yet.”

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