Barcelona Fashion Week | 080 Barcelona Fashion: First day parades of the 30th edition

After four digital editions – for the two years of the epidemic – The head-to-head fashion shows are back on the catwalk fashion 080 Barcelona Fashion in its 30th edition. There was a lot of nerve and desire, and more accredited press than the last date before Covid. And of course a lot More influencers than ever. Coming from all over the planet, For the first time, the Influencers Syndicate has outnumbered specialists in traditional media, giving plenty of color to the “front row” and to the gardens of the modernist site of St. Pau, where they recorded their stories. Some of them are, the “tops” of the illustrious industry such as Hanan Besovich, The USA-based Croatian fashion commentator behind the popular account @ideservecouture, something like this Anna Wintour Instagram.

And there was still a bit of filming missing on Tuesday, the first day of the parades. So even though the attachment is opened LR3 experience (The only virtual stronghold of this “fashion” event, which Luis Ruby and Daniel Corrales submit their new designs and that it will be open every day) Meet the schedule to see the new designs of Scorpio I had to wait half an hour. direct stuff.


It was worth it. Because the house was founded in 1929 and this leads Carles Gracia Present a truly vibrant collection. “tranceThe fun began with a colorful proposal belonging to the Spring-Summer 2023 collection, which went very well with the unusual temperatures at the end of October.

what a total 25 looks Where the point cannot be missing is the DNA of the reference brand in the “knitwear” sector. However, this time his suggestion bucks previous schemes by using sequins (in pants and skirts), feathers and even lurex, in shades of orange, fuchsia, and light green. A staunch defender of head-to-head style, Gracia explained that he was also pleased to be the first to introduce.

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Singer Giselle, In the front row, he was a cheerleader who applauded the “very hilarious, upbeat, and explosive” ensemble, which featured ultra-thin models despite all genders.

everything you love

The bays of the Costa Brava, a well known area Clara Estevea designer brand specialized in “swimwear” and “intimates”, everything you loveHe was the inspiration for his SS23 La Maison collection. Shirt dresses, blouses, suits and kimonos are also in fuchsia, green, blue, white, ocher and silver. Incredibly soft hues with “effortless” essentials: flowing silhouettes, relaxed elegance and chic, casual style reminiscent of the ’70s. XL tortoiseshell sunglasses reinforced the idea, with “healthier” body models, among them Lorena Duran, the famous zigzag “top”.

tiscar . swords

Designer and artist signature tiscar swords Shown for the first time in 080 face to face to present “Chapter 4, Chapter One”Immortal group is nowhere “weird” in the market, this is not so Neither winter nor summer, neither feminine nor masculine, it is a human group, Reminds us of the past but opens avenues to the future. Hand cut, unique and made by domestic manufacturers that integrate detail and precision in the care of materials.

Lola Casademont from Mighty

The veteran apparel and accessories company, with more than 40 years of history, introduced the “Dreaming Africa” ​​collection, a collection inspired by a trip to the African continent. “Animal” prints, fluid-volume cuts, and energetic tones and sunsets of terracotta and orange.


They chose to put the finishing touches on the fashion shows on the first day Gonzalez partyYoung designer company AMLUL. In her face-to-face audition, since the audition in Barcelona represents her first show, she chose twenty looks committed to timelessness and values ​​in “Made in Spain”, where there are many silhouettes of kimonos and tops This victory is equally between men and women, although their brand is aimed at them. From white to silver, passing through all the colors of the rainbow, ‘Sunrise to Sunset’ is a homage to the homesickness that comprises her most iconic pieces. New and eternal bestsellers are adapted from the beginning of the day until nightfall, within the framework of a 100% sustainable production made in Spain.

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