Barcelona Fashion | These are the five trends signed at 080 Barcelona Fashion that will sweep the streets

It concluded last Friday, October 28, with great success Barcelona Fashion 30th Edition 080. Not only because a file 23 participating companies I managed to get back to personal procession And reconnect with his fans, but because he was Appointment that more international presenceespecially at the level of foreign “influencers”, who did not want to miss the opportunity to live in one of the most avant-garde fashion shows on the Old Continent.

This time, it was the great novelties technology bettingembodied in a virtual installation where the brand LR3 presented its comprehensive and gender-free project – “One size for all bodies” – as well as adherence to circular fabric achieved with the birth of a new show, 080 Born AgainAnd the second hand clothes (Something in demand today that giants like Inditex have joined forces with, with Zara Pre Owned, an ‘online’ apparel resale platform.)

During these four days of fashion shows, proposals of all kinds were seen, though Every brand is a world, a concept and a styleit is true that they have I managed to find some directions Which is suspiciously repeated and this indicates the “looks” we will be seeing on the street in the coming months. There are many star colors, mainstream prints, big patterns, and a new ‘outfit’ for the night. In general, the feminine and masculine became more blurred and a new way of combining “look” was also born, in very original and elegant overlays.

Orange is the new black)

It’s true that last summer’s fuchsia color is still going strongShe was seen in Is Coming’s short satin dresses, the “Menina” design that gave rise to the architectural debutant Larhha, or Simorra’s fluffy coat. But the color that will succeed in the coming months is The new basic orange, creative, cheerful, enthusiastic, fun, always young… When out of the pandemic these things, and even fashion finds its way to express it. It’s the color that’s repeated like a mantra In the default gallery LR3 – After all, it’s the german color of the company-, as well as in dresses and jackets avellanedaas well as in the renewed theater of classics to date Scorpio. but also in coming and Simura Who did the rest with the earthy and seductive concept of the ‘Nomad’ group.

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‘Animal print’ stripes and 60’s prints

There’s a fireproof edition that doesn’t get lost season after season, in new versions, fabrics, and combinations. Is it “animal prints”, which was revived by the surreal and badass documentary series on Netflix “Tiger King” two seasons ago. Far from their poorly placed “kitsch” patches, they’ve taken this print to another level on the Barcelona boardwalk. Lola Casademont from Mighty s Guillermina Baiza with the bath groups “Dreaming Africa” ​​and “Safari Journey”, respectively.

But in addition to this classic version, another infallible print will hit hard: vertical lines Seen in the vibrant and cheerful Euphoria collection Scorpioas well as in label version, who – which The stripes in blouses and trousers are crowned with blue “total look”.

Another bet, for the coming months it will be 60’s graphicslike those who starred in the romantic group “Barbados Hotel” who comes.

“Sexless” (The New Global Silhouette)

Many designers who submitted their proposals on the platform choose 080 increasingly towards asexual patterns. What was once rare is now almost the norm. Even obviously men’s fashion brands, such as avellanedabet because their Women wear colorful jackets and tuxedos (His muse, Neves Alvarez, is his best ambassador.) Other newly minted companies, such as debutante to restshe was born three years ago with models, but she already has 20% of their designs are designed for men’s wear. “It is a clear reflection of our society”summarizes the Ecuadorean Martin viaSince its inception in 2015, it has created interchangeable “looks” for “whoever wants to wear them”. Likes tiscar swordsand her extremely androgynous man, or supermodels from Sabadell Texel Meras or these LR3From the start, even for both sexes.

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Overlays (“Layers” fans)

For a few months, it was designed The art of “layers” or overlays. IT Girls run their icons on Instagram and on the platform in Barcelona, ​​and it’s proven to be something we have to master, because in addition to Achieve “look” with character Also used to present New life for our wardrobe clothes. Although it makes more sense in winter than ever, when the good weather comes, you can also unleash your imagination. The star mix seen at 080 Barcelona Fashion is the star mix Dress / Kimono With wide leg pants or leggings underneath. This has since appeared amolSignature Gonzalez party, known for being the first fashion blogger in Spain; but also Simurawith their silhouettes of nomads; to restwith her balloon dresses over those very elegant ‘Leggins’ finished with ties at the ankle, and expert in tiers, Texel Meras.

Long Live the Gloss (Goodbye to Night Jet Black)

The Repeated blackness at night has passed away, judging from the most exquisite and “cool” designs that have been shown in Barcelona. After two dark years, haute couture firms propose “prêt-à-porter” Satin, metallic, and glitter fabrics to go out and give it your all. with cost In the head, realizing that “the brightness and the light are back after this blackout we’ve all been through, to put it romantically”, the bet also shared colleagues, such as Sundaywith her exuberant designs for ‘Nenne Spring 2023’, which even includes a three-dimensional piece ‘part of the bumper’ and another with ‘lots of sheet metal and even body fabric, foil, metallic and grills with rhinestones, as well as leather clothing with details resembling the trim of cars and motorcycles’. .

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Also timeless silhouettes with oriental memories (kimono) of amol They look for silver and luster, like watercolor ones Echo Eye (“Life underwater”), or YolancrisAnd the same avellanedawhich adhere to intense colors, from violet and red to orange, typical of sunsets in the Mediterranean.

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