Barcade Tour | El Drogas (this Saturday in the Sala oasis in Zaragoza): “In this tour we wanted to show the more ‘punkarra’ side of Barricada”

Enrique Villarreal, “El Drogas”, Last year I decided to give great joy to Barricada’s legion of followers and embarked on a a tour Concerts To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Navarrese band. This weekend, however All tickets have been sold out for a long time, and you land in the Oasis Room in Zaragoza to enjoy and be entertained by the thousands of fans who are The Txantrea group was in Aragon. Together with the band he has accompanied since 2008 (Briggi on drums, Flaco on bass and Txus Maravi on guitar)El Drogas will propose a journey through time through songs that have marked several generations. You will also do this by submitting Side of Most Pontara in Barricadaas he himself admits in this interview.How did this tour come to be?

I decided the band’s 40th birthday was a very good excuse to bring tracks to small venues. We were clear about that from the start, because we wanted to get to so many angles. However, initially, we only proposed eight cities for 2022. And that was the response from the public and people asking us what prompted us to resume the tour now with more dates and venues. It came on the fly.

That first tour came in May last year at the Oasis. Will the concerts this weekend spark any news?

We’ve added a few more songs, but the only major change is that we don’t play audio songs this time around. We wanted it to be a more continuous and non-stop concert, because we also tried to bring out the more “punkara” side of Barricada. That’s why there are so few slow songs. The live lasts two and a quarter hours.

Preparing ammo for the round, I imagine, was never easy. What criteria did you follow?

Well, it was pretty clear to me that it had to be lyrics written by me, which wasn’t difficult either because 92% of the lyrics in Barricada were written by me. Anyway, I also included one that wasn’t mine.

In your personal opinion, what is the best period for Barikada?

For me, all time was very powerful. Man, the 80s were great because we started from scratch and the pacing of the compositions was always impressive. We went to the disco every year and added more and more concerts. It was all very fast. Later, after “Balas blancas” (1992) and from the album La araña (1994), the music landscape began to change. Other musical styles and new groups emerged, perhaps with less force in their suggestion, which gradually took over the scene.

Also, we entered a different era after that, between compilation singles, movie soundtracks, and the live album. At the end of the ’90s I think we had some business left, but then the 2000s had a very strong start and we came back. And for me, the album that puts Barricada in his place, in a special and special way, is “La tierra está sorada”.

“Zaragoza for me is the host country; the people have always treated us with great affection”

How do you see the current music scene?

I keep listening to bands that I find very interesting. Now, what is the panorama like to see them live? Well, very tight, maybe more than before. In our time, it started almost from scratch and at all city festivals there was a day dedicated to concerts. It gave us the opportunity to try to live or live poorly from this and above all to be able to present your music live. Now this is more complicated.

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Is the industry no longer interested in rock?

I don’t know, the music industry never really interested me. I’ve never been an advocate of how the industry views all of this. I understand that what groups do ends up being productive, but for me it goes much further than that. Anyway, I think the crowd is more powerful than the gear itself. Few are interested in rock music right now and there are no shows in the media, but I think it’s a good time for those “underground” roots, which I understand as rock and aggressive attitude, to come out with a lot of bad moods.

“All of the Barricada eras were so strong, but the ’80s were horrible”

In the concerts of this tour, they pay tribute to “Boni” with the song “Objetivo a rendar”.

Yes, it’s a song that reminds me a lot of him. His words are and the truth is it is very emotional to remember him that way.

Two years before his death, they resumed their relationship. Does this tour also help you come to terms with Brikada after all the controversy over the band’s expulsion?

No, I never felt the need to reconcile. I haven’t had any issues with me in this regard.

His last solo album was The Long Dream of the Moth (2021). Are you already working on a new album?

No, I’ll take it easy. Now I want to enjoy the tour. I always mess around with some songs, but very few others. Also, I always need a break to get back to writing songs.

But do we have “El Drogas” for a while?

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Well, life rules. I want to die in my shoes because I really love this profession, but you never know. What I do know is that I still enjoy the music. I love experimenting with other styles and shapes.

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Also listen to them?

naturally. When I wear Kase.O for example, I am envious of his suggestion. If anything allows you to trade it is play. Now that this has been talked about so much, I don’t have impostor syndrome. I’m a hustler, I’ve always considered myself an outsider in all this music. I don’t understand the combination that repeats and always repeats the syntax I found. I’m not saying this is wrong, but in my case it would be impossible. Already in Barricada we were showing it. We didn’t want to take a stand with regards to sales as we’ve explained on several occasions, because it was a terrifying learning experience.

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