‘Barbarian’, a party of horror that will leave you speechless

“Barbarian” & starf; & starf; & starf; & starf;

Tabuk Zack Krieger

Interpreters Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgard, Justin Long

the first show October 26, 2022 (Disney+)

As with comedies, horror films are often criticized for their tendency to repeat formulas, and exploit resources and patterns used to the point of nausea. Fortunately every year we find some Pieces that escape stereotypes which acquire an independent dimension either because of their originality, or because of the risks they are exposed to, or because of their ability to create a new dimension within the genre. Even for his expertise in reworking original models to create something new. In this sense, it was 2022 A good year within this genre in its most authoritative aspect And there are titles like “Nop” by Jordan Peele, “Black Phone,” “Scott Derrickson,” “Main,” and “Alex Garland,” or “X,” by Ti West, to prove it. But there are also others, such as “barbaric”which has come to occupy a fundamental space, and which has little to do with artistic, metascientific, or allegorical claims, but rather with just enjoy When it comes to using traditional cinematography tools to create something different.

It is one of the amazing characteristics of “barbaric”, the fact that the movie transforms in every one of the sections it’s made of, so much so that you never know what’s going to happen next. Thus, expectations change every moment, generating good surprise set It breaks down any hint of monotony in the narrative, turning it into a veritable set of unexpected turns, in which it is not lacking. The darkest and most subversive humor.

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Thus, what begins with a critical night between the man (Bill Skarsgard) and a woman (Georgina Campbell) Those who meet in a rented apartment via Arbnb will go through various stages of discovering a basement and an underground entrance that leads them into a space of terror that seems to have frozen over time.

Director Zack Krieger It is able to create iconic images with minimal elements, such as a door and a ladder, as well as constantly breaking our ability to anticipate and play with stress levels and bad responses. “barbaric” It also stands as an interesting specimen of Horror after MeToo Speaking of relationships between men and women past and present, and how the shadow of a misogynistic predator is still pretty scary.


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