Banksy Ukraine | Banksy paints a gymnast as a symbol of hope in the ruins of the Ukraine war

Mysterious and assertive British artist Banksy has seized one of his works Graffiti On the wall of a destroyed building in the Ukrainian city Borodinkain the suburbs of Kyiv, according to the Ukrinform portal.

Show picture Girl doing gymnastics on the floorsupported by an almost impossible balance on the remnants of one of the bombed-out side walls.

It was graffiti at first Broadcasting from the Instagram account of the unknown artistwhich, according to the Ukrainian portal, verifies its authenticity, since this is the usual way for Banksy to publish his work.

The British artist had previously taken some of his revenge paintings in other disputed areas, such as in West BankAn expression of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Ukrinform also states that a piece of graffiti by the author was recently auctioned in London, with charitable purposes To support a Ukrainian children’s hospital worth £81,000.

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