Banks warn of an important change in the dates of collecting pensions in May

Retirement benefits are the main support for people over 65, and in recent years, they have been one of the most important incomes thanks to them. A large number of surviving families Spanish. In this sense, the amount of pensions paid by Social Security Per month In Spain it is More than 10 million, although banks are responsible for its distribution. The reason why not everyone gets these payments at the same time. Regarding the collection of annuities, although banks usually make the deposit Between days 23 and 25 From each month, this will largely depend on whether there is holidays also vacation days in the middle.

Although the General Social Security Law stipulates that “contributory pensions shall be paid to beneficiaries on the first working day of the month following the month in which the pension is collected”, the main banking entities in our country have spent months advance payment of these rents. a practice that seems to have been reinforced after the effects it causes Corona virus pandemic With the aim of accelerating income and reducing physical commutes to offices, thus avoiding potential infection of a population most vulnerable to the virus.

New pension collection dates in May 2023

In this sense, the person responsible for depositing the pension amount is the General Treasury of Social Insurance, which makes payments to the cooperating financial entities as of the 25th of each month. As a result, entities such as Santander Bank And caixabank She revealed that she would proceed to make said payments between the days 24 and 25 from this month. However, in case AbancaAnd BBVAAnd Sabadell BankAnd Evo BankAnd IbercajaAnd M also UnikajaPensions will be adjudicated after one day, more precisely, from the next May 25th.

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However, it should be noted that the dates of collection of this type of income may vary if New retirees And you have to collect for the first time the kind of benefits granted primarily by Social Security. In this case, the date for obtaining payment of contributions will be postponed to The last working day of the monthNo matter which bank we belong to and as long as it does not coincide with a weekend or a national holiday.

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