Banana trick | How to prevent bananas from ripening in a short time

the banana It is one of the favorite fruits rich in potassium and most useful in the routine of athletes and in the routine of anyone. But the problem is that sometimes, when you leave a bunch of bananas in the kitchen for too long, They risk turning black. It is an inconvenience that can cause rejection when eating this fruit for some people. But with this home remedy, the black color of this fruit can be prevented.

These black spots on the fruit oxidation marker. Therefore, in order to consume it, it is important to eat it when it has not oxidized or has this color, as it can have consequences and the nutritional benefits that it offers will disappear. The cause of these black spots may be Low temperatures.

The easiest way to determine whether or not this fruit is in good condition is by observing its aroma and color. If it has mold, a musty smell, or even fungus, these are bad signs that it has been eaten, so it is best not to eat it.

How to prevent bananas from ripening prematurely

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For almost everything in life, social networks have the answer. A video posted by user @alexeisabella showing a file The ultimate trick to preserving bananas maximum possible time. And it couldn’t be easier: justPlace the end of the banana bundle in a bowl of water. In this way, the bananas will continue to receive the necessary hydration and will last much longer than usual without turning black.

Other ways to keep bananas longer

The advice above seems to be the most effective in preventing bananas from ripening prematurely, but there are other ways to extend the shelf life of this delicious and nutritious fruit:

  • Separate the bananas from the other fruits: Fruit emits ethylene, a plant hormone that promotes ripening. By separating bananas from other fruits, the amount of ethylene around them is reduced.

  • Store it in a cool placeHeat speeds up the ripening process, so be sure to store your bananas in a cool, dry place, such as your pantry or cupboard, rather than leaving them in the kitchen.

  • Wrap them in aluminum foilWrapping the ends of a banana bundle in aluminum foil can slow the ripening process.

  • Use a fanThe circulation of cool air can help reduce the amount of ethylene around the banana, so placing a fan near it can help keep it fresher for longer.

  • cool them downIf your bananas are about to ripen too quickly, placing them in the refrigerator can slow down the ripening process. However, the skin can darken and the insides are very soft, so it’s best to use this technique only if necessary.

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