Balenciaga once again messes with a campaign that mixes pedophilia with sadomasochism

The luxury company run by Demna Gvasalia used images this time of minors wearing ‘bondage’ thongs and straps that have users outraged.

The Luxury fashion label Balenciaga, with Demna Gvasalia as Creative Director, is one of the boldest, most innovative, and most welcome figures on the current scene. Practically the whole world appreciates every collection, every catwalk, of the brand that the Getaria haute couture master raised in his day, Christopher Balenciaga. But today, it is also synonymous with controversy. The last one, because she brought together several girls with animals stuffed with bridles and sadomasochistic tapes for a photo shoot.

Sexual behavior that the Georgia-born designer, 41, has resorted to for some time, or if not, recall the shade outfits in which his muse Kim Kardashian attended the MET Gala in September 2021. Covered entirely in dark fabric, including the face, and accompanied by a mysterious companion, It eventually turned out to be not her ex-husband, Kanye West, but the designer himself, draped in a hoodie and ski mask. king big success She strolled through New York hours before the event in another “total look” made of leather, earrings, and zipsBondage images (pictured below), belong to the Spring/Summer 2019 collection from Vetements, a company for which the aforementioned Gvasalia was also the creative director.

This businesswoman’s collection was explained during the fashion show at Paris Fashion Week in which it was presented: Obviously, it was A direct reference to the war in Abkhazia that took place in 1992 and 1993And in the city where the creative director of Balenciaga was born.

“Bondage” thongs and thongs

This costume represents war. But, what do some stuffed animals with ‘bondage’ straps represent in the arms of a girl playing with them? Many of the critical reactions generated on the networks belong to angry parents who describe them as “Disgusting” and “creepy” images of young children with bags of plush that appear on your website.

The first photo in the online store shows a A red-haired girl is standing on a luxurious pink bed and carrying a white suitcase by a leather strap. The bear, in addition to leather bracelets with metal rivets on his arms and legs, wears a short mesh T-shirt with a chain and a clasp around his neck.

The gift shop section of the site features another girl standing on a couch holding another purple stuffed animal in what looks like a lace thong.

Remove photos

Both images were removed from the “online” store page and in their place appeared an image of a child in a room full of toys and accessories with the signature “B”, and in the corner, a white bear with sad props.

The stuffed animals in controversy are not for sale, but these images have been used to promote other items in the gift shop, such as reusable coffee mugs (for €104) or dog leashes (for €815). Stuffed animals are actually bags that appeared on the catwalk at the beginning of this year.

“that it Scary how many adults must have been involved in this‘, reflects an angry Twitter user. Parents, photographers, creative directors, copywriters, modeling agency employees, producers, managers, advertisers…and none of them thought of it?

This is the latest controversy in an exclusive from a company that feels comfortable with provocation. We review his latest scandals below:

Sneakers lace-up earrings

In August, the exclusive fashion house created Christopher Balenciagawhich was now in French hands, fired some Bow earrings made of shoelaces. The model in black or pink sold out within hours, despite its price of 250 euros.

Shoes ruined for 1,700 euros

Not even your old Converse shoes will look ruined like the sneakers Balenciaga launched last spring. Made of torn canvas, holes, and dirty soles, it sold for the modest price of 1,772 euros. The model – “extremely worn out and dirty”, in the words of the company itself – was launched inside A collection of shoes called “Paris Sneaker”. High-quality tennis shoes for women with cotton and rubber that are damaged and have dark spots and marks staining the rubber soles and even the brand name. 100 pairs were put on sale in black and white. Some users didn’t give credit: “It should be a social experiment,” they said.

“Deluxe” trash bag

in the same show as it Demna Gvasalia paid tribute to the memory of Ukrainian war refugees, with a crushing spectacle, in a snowy scene, the controversial creator removed some kind of garbage bag that the models were carrying (as if they were the emergency packages that people rush in from a country at war). The difference is that the price of these bulky accessories from the fall-winter 2022-2023 collection was around 1,500 euros. He himself responded thus to those who raised their hands to their heads: “I couldn’t pass up the chance to make the world’s most expensive trash bag because… who doesn’t love a good fashion scandal?“.

Copy the blue IKEA bag

The fashion brand Balenciaga has once again done its trick and He copied the Ikea Frakta bag for 50 cents, of course at an even higher price: €1,695.

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